Friday, January 14, 2011

Recycled Containers & Chex Cereal= Homemade Snack Mix

 What can you do with Chex cereal, marshmallows, pretzels, a little patterned paper (scrapbook supplies), recycled plastic containers, and some cocoa powder?

Homemade snack mix!

We also added white and dark chocolate chips. You could use peanuts, or raisins, or anything else you like to "personalize" your concoction.

Gallon size plastic bags were perfect size to shake up our mix with the added cocoa powder. Consider trying taco powder, or garlic salt for a different twist on your snack mix. Shake it up & pour into your specially decorated containers.

To decorate them we used strips of patterned scrapbook paper and glued the strips to the plastic with glue sticks. Colored paper with stickers or making your own stamped paper would be a fun option as well.

The whole project was a fast, easy way to use up leftovers & spend fun family time in the kitchen!
(It wasn't even very messy) It was a lot less expensive than buying the ready made mixes & kids are always more willing to eat food they've helped to prepare.

This snack makes a great gift for family and friends during the holidays - or any day. 


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Fun, I like Check Mix!

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