Friday, November 6, 2009

History Museum at Levi Jackson State Park, KY

Old Tractor

The museum includes a collection of old cabins and tools/ supplies that were used by early settlers. The friendly staff was welcoming. It was an extremely child friendly atmosphere, a great way for families to explore and learn together about how our ancestors lived.
Parker is standing in front of a small graveyard that is the site of an Indian massacre. Pioneers were camping on sacred ground- there were only 2 known survivors including a woman who gave birth to a child during the night while hiding from the indians. Another story is that one of the pioneer men ran and threw his bag of gold under some tree roots in the area. My children will always remember that story after looking for that treasure!
The picture on the left is part of a tree trunk where Daniel Boone carved his initials- on the right is an old stone morter and pestal that was found way back in a cave. To be able to put our hands on these things was an amazing experience! Can you even imagine the families before us who may have used the stone to grind up their corn?

Finding a museum of this quality where the family felt free to roam around and actually touch these rare treasures was truly a great find! It provided a terrific history lesson for the boys- and one they will always remember.

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