Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Louisville Science Center

Discover how sound travels!

Learn to distinguish the unique melodies made by different species of song birds!

Hear a whale call from under the ocean-

Make your own special music !!!

Learn how water travels across the earth & why it is so important to understand the ways of the watershed.

Meet an ancient Mummy!

Experience energy at work-

These are all exciting and educational adventures that can be had at the local science center! Who knew science could be so much fun?

Anyone who reads my columns or follows my blog, at one point or another, has heard me preach the value of joining your local history or science museum. But, as it is time for me to renew my families annual pass to the Charlotte County Historical Museum, I decided that it is time again to point out what a great bargin it is for families.

I purchase a family pass for $35 per year at the CC Hist. Museum, and it gives my family access to hundreds of museums across the country. Check out the list of participating venues at the ASTC (association of science and technology centers) web-site. Our little membership from Charlotte County is the reason we can enjoy free access to the Louisville Science Center hundreds of miles away! While in Florida, we can visit G-Wiz, Mosi, Orlando Science Center, & many more. It is a must have for any homeschool family and a great idea for all !!

Learning about local wildlife can be wild- especially when you learn with friends!

There are always traveling exhibits, and those that are permanent- all of them are worthwhile and a great way for some hands on learning & just plain fun!!

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