Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Newport Aquarium- Newport/ Cincinnati

Have you ever wanted to pet a shark? Ever wondered what its skin feels like? Well, it's sort of like leathery sandpaper & we know this now from our own (safe) experience.
The Newport Aquarium in Newport, KY - just south of the Ohio River leading into Cincinnati- is a wonderful way to spend the day.
Both young and young at heart will enjoy the experiences awaiting at the aquarium. Sharks swim overhead, alligators swim beneath your feet. You can hold a starfish, see a moray eel, and meet the penguins (we saw one who just loved to put on a show & was the fastest little bugger I've ever seen).
From the bayous of Louisiana, to the deep blue sea, and into American streams, or Brazilian rainforest's- the aquarium in Newport packs it all into one fun, yet educational experience.... and THAT is our idea of a really good day!
I'd have to say that the jellyfish room where lighted tanks full of graceful jellies swimming as classical music plays in the back ground, and with padded benches available for visitors to sit and relax was my end-all favorite of the day. It was a memorable time we hope to repeat very soon!

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