Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Creation Museum- KY

The Creation Museum is full of enlightening surprises. It is a 70000 square foot state of the art science museum that explores the creation of the Earth, its people, solar system, and animals from a Biblical and scientific perspective.

Take a walk through history & explore the Earth as God intended it to be. Learn about the dinosaurs and many other animals that are now extinct.

Enjoy a walk through the lush gardens, have a picnic or eat at one of the restaurants inside the museum. There is also a petting zoo for a bit of one-on-one with some present day animals.

There is also a large bookstore full of information including books, DVDs, and homeschool curriculum.

for more information go to www.creationmuseum.org
The Creation Museum - Petersburg, KY - 888-582-4253

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