Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Organization 101- Chore Charts!!!

Here we go peeps- beginning another new year in just a few days! I'm still running around picking up wrapping paper, but the real goal is to face the new year with a better schedule - to do more with less- and to BE BETTER ORGANIZED!

Getting the kids on board will be KEY....... so I'm starting with Chore Charts! (ie: they are also behavior charts, but we don't have to tell anyone).

I found a couple of great resources to help you get started. I'm using http://www.handiprints.com/ where you can plan, organize, track, and print customizable charts. Very appropriate for younger kids but has a pretty good range & will work for my 9 year old just fine.

The kids can be involved (and inspired) each day when we log in and "score" their charts. They can also play games & such on the site. I have customized a chart for each boy according to the things they need to work on the most. (I have one who will spend an incredible amount of time and energy to avoid brushing teeth and one who has to be pulled out of the bathroom & on to the next job)

I am printing out the charts & plan to laminate them so we can post them on the wall and check off throughout the day. The system can be used entirely online or hands on - As you can see

in our picture- we prefer the hands on approach!

Another great site that is worthy of some more investigation is http://goalforit.com/

Good luck in your organizational endeavors & happy organized and fruitful New Year!

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Leslie said...

Hey there. Thanks for finding my site and commenting. We DO have a lot in common...we even homeschool too!!! I look forward to following your blog and will add you to my side bar so I don't miss a post. Off to check out the chore charts. We used chorewars.com for a while and the boys loved that. But like everything else, the newness wears off and it is a struggle again.