Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Charlotte County Skate Park

Skatin' the big bowl for the first time!

Yay! Success!

Little Boy in the Big Bowl!!

Charlotte County Skate Park is a terrific local spot for the kids to work off a little extra boy (or girl) energy.

They have a few new rules- mainly now they have certain hours and are monitored. Check the web site for times - http://www.charlottecounty.com/com/

Kids must have a waiver signed on file and are given a card to present at entry. It is still has free entry- but you must wear a helmet.

Littler boy in a little bowl!!

tryin it a little different way.....

and finally... my personal favorite... just "pretending" to be a skater, on a board, in the bowl.

(cute little poser) lol

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