Monday, January 17, 2011

Around the World- Homeschool Geography

The Eiffel Tower in Legos!
We are taking a "journey" around the world. Last week we started with Paris, France. The focus is not on Paris alone- but the country of France as a whole- but what better icon is there for a french study?
We are learning a bit about the history of France & how it relates to our own country.
One of our favorite resources is National Geographic Kids at  where you can explore their "Countries of the World" study.

One of our favorite ways to go about these types of studies is to start a new 3 ring binder! We can add mini lapbooks to the binder, and art work or pictures of our work (like the lego eiffel tower).
Any way you cut it- by doing the study this way - the boys really remember what they've learned & have  a good time doing it!


Dr. Mom Online said...

Love it!! : )

Ida said...

I'd like to do a country family night we're maybe twice a month we would learn about a country, eat/cook their food, learn their music, sports, animals, and all around culture!

Thanks for turning on my reinvention lightbulb!


Java said...

I am sorry but I have to delete your entry on the Meet Me on Monday linky because you did not participate and post your questions and answers in your post!
I would love to have you join so please come back once you have your Meet Me On Monday post completed!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for kind comment on my blog. :-)
Nan said...

Thankyou Dr Mom, Ida, and Nan- I think Ida's idea to do a family dinner night featuring a different country is a terrific idea!

Java, I'm really not sure what that is all about- I haven't ever been to your blog & the only "meet me on monday" I signed up with on a fellow homeschool blog didn't have any further instructions that I could see other than the couple of questions that came up when entering my info. - sorry to trouble you! said...

Java- funny, i checked out your blog to see what i had missed & i think that one of my homeschool peeps had the link on their page w/ no questions- funny thing is i read the questions on someone else's blog & wondered what in the world they were talking about! NOW i know- i'll have to try again some other time- LOL- tks, kelli