Monday, January 17, 2011

Big Discount Shopping Week 4 Me at Publix

It's a great week to shop at Publix!
I'll be buying:
          1. Cheez-it Crackers- BOGO- $4.09
          paired with $2 off coupons from Walgreens= $1.05 each
          (from the Walgreens monthly savings book located at the 
          front of each store- I also grab a couple of their flyers each
          week because they are full of coupons)
          2. Jello Snack Packs- 3 for $6.00
          paired with $1.00 off from (you can print
          right from the sidebar on my site!) + a Target coupon
          from  buy 3 get one free= 4 packs
          for $5.00 or $1.25 each!

          3. Smuckers preserves- BOGO $3.39
          paired with $1.00 off coupons found in store= $.68 each

          4. Swiss Miss Cocoa- BOGO $1.99 = @ $1.00 each

5. Gold Fish Crackers- On special this week for $1.00 each !!! (my kids love this snack- great price)

6. Jimmy Dean D Light- BOGO $5.99 - (package of 4 sand.)- paired with coupons from newspaper= $1.00 off (use one on each BOGO as usual) = $2.00 each package- $4.00 total

7. Lays potato chips- 2 for $4.00- paired with $1 off each one from Walgreens(booklet)= $1.00 per bag!!!

8. Aunt Jemima waffles- BOGO $2.15= $1.08 each box

9. Cool Whip- BOGO $1.99- paired with $1.00 off coupon from (link on my site)= $.50 each

10. Arnold Sandwich Thins- BOGO $2.99= $1.49 each

11. Kraft Cheese slices- 2 for $4.00 - paired with $1 off Walgreens coupon (booklet)=$1.50 each

12. Blistex Lip Balm- on sale for $1.00 each - paired with $.35 off coupon from this week Sun.paper= $.65

TOTAL COST- $26.27

(leaves me plenty for any extras or meat & produce- once you have a decent stockpile of foods & supplies in your pantry- you can pick & choose the best deals for your family & buy only those- so there are plenty of weeks where you don't have to buy anything except maybe fresh milk & produce)
There are more deals available- please print coupons from my link & go to to plan your shopping trip!

*** by the way- Walmart has Colgate on sale for $1.00 & this weeks Sunday paper has a $1 off coupon- I just loves me some free stuff!

I'll be posting more tips & a Coupon 101- easy "how to" plan you can check out by clicking on the Adventurez In Saving link on the Child'Rearing home page! Happy Saving!

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