Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gettin' Fresh Oysters!

Is it wrong for my New Years Resolution to be "fetch and eat more oysters"? It really is one of
my "favoritest" things to do. Katherine Hepburn loved it too..... but that's another story, for another day.
For today- Oyster Harvesting 101-

1. Be friendly to the neighbors- they were here first.

2. Location, Location, Location- find yourself an oyster bed with a view! Uh, and BE SURE to go at LOW tide- you need to be able to find the oysters that are ALWAYS covered with water- NOT the ones sticking out above the waterline!

3. DON'T pick the ones that are peekin out of the water! Bring a bucket - gloves if you need them- and a little hammer or chisel to break apart the clusters. The rule is - if you crack it- you just eat it on the spot! (now THAT's fresh)

4. Recruit some spotters! They come in handy once in awhile! And they're so dang cute when they get excited about "nature adventures"! But, don't let 'em pick the ones stickin' out of the water- (ya'll are getting that RIGHT?)

5. Recruit someone who's young enough to get excited about stepping out into the cold water! Wading boots can help- The water needs to be about 2 feet deep to make sure the oysters are safe (so the boots pretty much fill up with water anyway- but they protect your feet from the sharp edges on the oysters.) Daddy's boots will do.

6. Be sure your oysters are within the legal size range. Along our coastlines in Southwest Florida they need to be right at 3 inches. Check with your fish and wildlife commission. In Florida- .

7. Pry those suckers open & ENJOY! Lemon is a great with raw oysters- horseradish is terrific (if you like spicy) - some people like them on crackers- or in milk & cream (oyster stew)- I've heard rumors that they go well with 'Moet & Chandon!

Any way you hack it- Oyster Harvesting is an awesome & tasty adventure out on the water!

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Simplifying in the South said...

Looks like you had a great adventure! I like the idea and may be even tempted to try one someday!

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