Thursday, January 6, 2011

Painting on Canvas- Inspiring A Love For Art !

We love to make our own art to hang on the walls. My children's rooms are decorated with  
artwork that we have created together. They may not be Monet's - but they just might be our impression of an impression! (our expression) There are plenty of good books about art & teaching it to kids - try a couple of these affordable options from 

When it comes to painting, we like to use acrylics. They are simple, plenty of bright colors & affordable. Read some books, visit a museum, & then put some paint to canvas & see what you can do!               

Jackson Pollack Inspired!

Fun and simple shapes can lend themselves to some terrific wall art - Towels from Target- Penguin Painting by Mommy!

P's first attempt at "primative art" with bold bright colors and simple shapes of our town & playground.

W's modern expression & play with texture & tools!

My version of Monet's "The Fisherman" inspired this version of the water & sky with fisheman & child in a boat.
 Animal shapes are fun & we love splitting a piece from one canvas to another & even making entire sets this way!

Anyone can be an artist! You don't have to be "good" or have any special "talent" for it. Don't get me wrong~ I have great admiration and respect for those who do~ but I don't think it should stop those of us who don't ! All that is required to do art with kids is to have fun & enjoy it.

One of our favorite things to do is to find paintings or an artist who inspires us and then create our own version. I am sure to encourage the kids to work on their own ideas (of course) but what better way to teach them about famous paintings & artists than to re-create our favorites?

What are you up to with your little budding artists?

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