Thursday, January 13, 2011

Artistic Expressions- Skulpey Clay

I just wanted to share an art project idea with you. If you haven't tried playing with "skulpey" oven bake clay- you really have to give it a shot. You may have seen previous posts where we have used it to create special homeschool projects - like a diorama of  Lewis and Clark. (You can check it out by clicking on the 2010 blog posts and go to March 30)

This time- while the boys rolled out the clay and cut out shapes using cookie cutters- I shaped out a little "tea set" using the old "pinch pot" method. I used sea shells to press a textured pattern into the plates and sugar bowl lid. Of course I did not waste the opportunity to talk to them about how people used to have to make all of their bowls and cups with clay from the rivers and such. We talked about how various Native American tribes invented the first kilns by digging holes in the ground and using hot coals to bake the hand made pottery so that it would harden. (Another project I am keen to try sometime soon- I hear sawdust and an old metal trash can works well too.)

Anyways- fortunately, we only have to work so hard at it if we really want to- because now we have skulpey! Once we baked the clay according to directions - it was cooled and ready to paint. I love the bright colors the boys chose to use! We poked holes (before cooking) so that they could be hung as ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Another idea, and next on our list- is to use the cookie cutters or shape (like with play-dough) the clay and glue small maganets to the back. We like the fish idea, and maybe some bugs. I suppose every mother of little boys should have some bugs on her fridge!


Anonymous said...

I really like your blog. What a fun project! I had forgotten about Skulpey! My older children used to make things with salt dough, but it doesn't last as long. I'm going to try to find some. Please tell your sons that I think that their projects are beautiful. :)

Melissa said...

great idea - I've been a little chicken to try clay with my boys for fear of the mess they'll make - but perhaps I'll get brave :) (followed you home from your comment on whoopsidaisy)

Leslie said...

I have never seen that. Where do you get it? I love it. I'll have to try that with my kiddos. thanks :)