Thursday, February 24, 2011

Great Horned Owl on my Roof!

It's not fake! He's for realz- and he's just beautiful! We hear them often outside around the house.There are a couple of them who nest nearby, but this particular day he decided to get a better look at his neighbors!
So happy my hubby was able to snap this quick pic!
Aren't God's creatures just awesome?


Young Adventures... said...

Oh my goodness...he is beautiful!! I'm always amazed at the unique creatures that God created. All of those tiny little details.

Jill said...

This is wonderful! How lucky you are. Thanks for sharing it!

Karen's Ideas Galore said...

Cool! Have you read the GaHoole books? (The movie wasn't so good...) said...

Karen- we'll have to check that out- haven't read it!

Thankx ladies- We just love getting out to enjoy the outdoors- awesome to live where it is easy to do year-round! We had a bald eagle land in the yard with a fish a while back (but i wasn't quick enough with the camera!)