Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Owl Pics- Springtime Babies Series Con't

Really wish I could take credit for these photos - but, they were sent to me from a friend! Thank you Kitty for sharing! These are the same owls that I tried to take pictures of from the boat- Maybe I can head down there later this week and get some from the shore- these turned out MUCH better!

They are growing up fast! Amazing.....

I've had some questions about homeschool "how to" - so, I thought I'd include a little info. of what we will do with these beautiful owl pics:

1. We went by boat and saw the nest with babies when we first heard they were there and did a little bit of "scientific observation" - we also discussed the Great Horned Owl to see what we do and do not know about them and their preferred habitat/food/& more.

2. We have gathered pictures from the ones we took and these beauties for our "Nature Binder"

3. We are making a couple of pages for the binder that will consist of - pics, and 3 x 5 card style information about where they live, what they eat, and any observations from watching them grow.

4. A good friend is sending some special baby owl feathers from some owls we watched years ago (before all these boys) We will find a creative way to add them to the binder.

5. My 4th grader will research and write a short paper about them. The K & pre-K will (respectively) color an owl picture- while talking about what we've learned (cut & paste) & my 6 year old will learn to read, write, spell "great horned owl" - he can dictate to me any input or observations he has to add to the pages!

Fun, simple, educational- and they are not likely to forget much of what they are learning!
Today we will also do Bible, math,  & swimming with friends!


Jill said...

I have to laugh! They remind me of humans...they start out to sweet and cute, go through those not so cute teen years and grow to be such beautiful creatures! Thanks for sharing them.

The Unglamorous Mommy said...

What pretty pictures!!

ThaiHoa said...

Those owls are too too cute!

Mary said...

I think I want to be home schooled...So much I could still learn even at my age!

Thanks Kitty for the beautiful picture's and thank you for posting them!

Mary/Sweeping Me

Simplifying in the South said...

So adorable! I want one :)

Laura's Last Post: The Madness of March said...

ha! laura, that's what i said!
mary, you know one of the best things about homeschool is that i really have to do my homework and we learn so much together- we really enjoy it!