Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dakin Dairy Farm

Dakin Dairy Farm in Myakka City, Florida turned out to be a terrific field trip. We went a couple of weeks ago with our homeschool group & spent the day learning about how the dairy works. The children made homemade butter (delicious) and enjoyed playing on the farm.

The younger boys wanted to wear some of their cowboy gear for a visit to the farm. I'm pretty much for letting them dress themselves most of the time unless there is some major reason I need to interfere. It makes for some fun pictures & sort of amuses me. (Doesn't take much these days- lol)

The big hit for the day was the large hay maze next to the shaded picnic area. After an interesting tour of the dairy and our picnic- the mama's relaxed in the shade while the kids ran wild through the maze. There was a bonfire for roasting marshmallows & the farm sold smore kits!

The farm is open on the weekends for public tours and schedules private groups throughout the week. These are just some of the things available to do- there is also a hay ride, and a "train" ride for the kids. The web site link will give you more information to check out their special events or group opportunities.

I spent  $7 for each of us & then brought home some fresh milk cheaper than the grocery store and some local honey as well.  We may just have to make this one an anual event!


Jill said...

Looks like lots of fun. Your little guys are all so cute!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Came over from Helen's Missional Mom blog. I love the uninhibited age of dressing. My daughters are 12, 10, and 8. The youngest wore a colonial dress on her 6th birthday in public. Those days are already past for the most part!

Young Adventures... said...

What a fun and educational field trip. I think it is really important to educate our children on where our food actually comes from. Love the boys outfits!

kelli said...

Oh wow! I so need to research and see if there is anything like that in our area. That sounds like so much fun and very interesting, and who could pass up fresh milk like that. Plus, I love the idea of letting them dress themselves, although sometimes I think mine would prefer to stay in the pajamas all of the time, because they are too busy once they wake up to want to change clothes.

Your BSB