Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beads For Life- Own A Piece of Jewlery & Change Someone's Life:


Must read article from the Boca Beacon- no matter where you are from! The group from "Same Sky" organization will be at my local library on the island. After reading the story about how Torkin Wakefield met beadmaker Millie Akena in Uganda and has turned her "recycled trash bead jewelry" into a way for the women of Uganda to change their lives - I cannot wait to go and see the collection & pick out a few for myself.

Wakefield bought a necklace from Millie outside her mud hut- for $.75 that day in 2004 - and now the women of Uganda who get involved with the company are buying brick houses, medicine, food, sending their children to school, and so much more! Please read the full story from the link for the full details.

I am going to go to the "trunk show" and buy myself a few special pieces for between $5 - $30
It will be an honor to wear something so beautifully made by women who have seen more horror than most of us can even imagine.

***If you would like me to purchase a piece on your behalf please let me know
& I will do so & send it to you!

an excerp from the paper:

As one woman said, “ Before working for ‘Same Sky’ I lived like an orphan. I had no parents, no siblings, I was the only one left in my family. I had no reason to live. Even at looking at my children, who were all born out of rape, I felt no reason to live. But now I have a new life, and a new family. ‘Same Sky’ is my family. Today, everyday, I see hope for my future. I see hope for my children. I see my children as educated children of Rwanda.”

As a post script, Brigitte has moved out of government housing and into her very own place.

We can make a difference for these women & wear their art proudly!


Jill said...

This is a great idea! I want to thank you for your wonderful, encouraging comment you made on my blog the other day. You are the best. You can be sure I will be your cheerleader anytime you need one! Don't ever hesitate to email me at:
anytime you need some encouragement on your project!

Holly Ann said...

It's so important that stories like these are shared. Yes, we can make a difference. It often takes real hard work, but we can do it.

Thank you for sharing!