Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grow Sunflower Greens -

Grow Sunflower Greens Activities - Free "How-To" printable!

Time to get outdoors & dig in the dirt! Do you have any gardening projects going on with your kids?
We are definitely going to try this one - this week!

We have harvested some great little fingerling tomatoes  from our tomato plants!

We also have some lovely greens growing in the backyard garden. Our garden currently consists of a 5x7 box full of greens, two tomato plants in round pots, one potted banana pepper tree, and a couple of pea plants. It's a rewarding and certainly an educational project for the whole family!

What are you growing this season? (or what would you like to grow?)

Need  more information on how to start your own backyard garden? The Backyard Homestead can teach you how to produce enough food on a 1/4 acre to be self-sufficient! It's also a great guide to inspire you to just get started.


Jill said...

Mmm...there is NOTHING better than a home grown tomatoe. You're making my mouth water, Keli. ;) Snowflakes flitting through the sky here today so only thing I've got going are some herbs...inside!

Young Adventures... said...

We have a small garden mostly tomatoes and peppers. But we have quite a few small plots around the yard, so we grow herbs, lettuce, raspberries, etc.. The kids each have their own little garden. Katie ususally plants flowers/herbs. Ian usually plants peppers/herbs. Like Jill said it's still cold up here. We won't be planting outdoors for a few weeks!

True Texan said...

Hi, love your blog! We are in severe drought down here in south Texas. My zuchinni and tomatoes look sad until I water! Pray for rain for us as the wildfires are very bad as well!