Sunday, May 22, 2011

E-Learning Links*dot* com is FABULOUS!  E-learning Links  is one of my all time Favorite Resources for printables and links to homeschool information. Kay has a "knack" for putting things in an order which I find easy peasy to follow. Her history links are broken down into chronological order.

As we will be coming up on July 4th in a couple of months- I decided to review the facts and dates of our American History. I love these flash cards so much that I've given them a home on the side-bar of Adventurez!

Flash Cards for learning American History:

Many of my readers are not homeschoolers- but, I encourage you to check it out anyway- It is also a terrific resource for parents who want to keep your children's education fresh through the summer! Personally, I needed the history flash cards for a review my own self! (but don't tell anyone)

There are resources galore under the Science heading- just in case you are looking for some interesting projects this summer.

I don't plan to work my kids to death this summer by any means- but, we try not to view school as "work" anyway & like to do a lot of "educational projects" - If it's tied to a fun craft or science project- they seldom seem to realize they are doing school!

Since we live at the beach - we are looking to get involved in some more "Marine Research" this summer- and maybe even walk the beaches for turtle patrol. I would love love to catch some baby hatchlings in action as they make a run for the border (the water) - and NO- I don't mean CATCH them - just SEE them!

We had the opportunity to do just that a few years ago - We went out on the beach with the Turtle Patrol on Boca Grande & learned about how the sea turtles lay their eggs & got to see some rescued babies who had wandered the wrong way when they were supposed to head for the water. (we learned how inportant it is for people to keep their lights off at night when living or staying on the beachfront first-hand!)

Aren't they adorable? They are about the size of a regular egg - just a wee bit bigger! We counted eggs in a nest & learned to lable & monitor the nests on the beach. I can't wait to get involved again- now all my boys are old enough to walk the beach with me in search of new nests.

There are many ways to get involved with local programs for both learning opportunities and to do some good in the community- no matter where you live.  I'll share our ideas with you as we come across them.

Currently- we are collecting food items for Charlotte County Homeless Coalition with LifeChurch Port Charlotte. LCPC families are both gathering food items and planning on serving at the shelter. I think it's a great way to teach our kids more about doing for others. Practicing what we preach is critically important in my opinion!

If you are local to Charlotte County & have pantry items to donate or would like to be involved in going to serve food to others (be it one time or many) just let me know. You can see more about it on the facebook page for the church:
 Or contact me & I'll fill you in or pick up food!

What have you got planned for the family this summer? I hope it involves some adventure!

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Jill said...

Those turtles look adorable. Going on turtle patrol would be so much fun!

learning table said...

Thanks for sharing this homeschooling resource. We are studying American history right now, and I've already found some things through this link that we can use.

Ross said...

Thanks for the resources. I'm starting to learn more and more about homeschooling. Great post!

Susan S said...

The turtles are so cute. We once moved South to New Mexico and our first Summer there we were surprised to discover a few little turtles in our back yard that were about the size of quarters. We found out lots of people kept turtles in their yards, naming them and calling them to dinner at the back step!