Thursday, May 26, 2011

Learning Adventures- MathBlaster & JumpStart Giveaway!

Math Blaster  The MathBlaster Giveaway on Adventurez In Child'Rearing will last until June 10 -

If you haven't registered to win- IT'S EASY!

1. just leave a comment about the program & contact email for if you win
(I do not share the information with MathBlaster or anyone else & will only contact you about it if you win)

2. enter on the Adventurez Facebook Page here:


3. or enter at the original   post on Adventurez here:

Finding DNA 

Fun way to keep kids little minds sharp this summer & they will LOVE it!
Read Review details at the original post from link above! 


My Crazy Life said...

I'd love to learn more about this game. My kids are both good in math yet struggle with it. My son HATES learning from books so it is a challange to do some books and some hands-on or computer work for math. Love your blog too! :-)


My Crazy Life said...

BTW, sorry, my email is