Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Monday! Ding-Dong the witch is Dead!

Happy Monday everybody! What are you all up to today? We are finishing up a little "book work" - celebrating the success of our military in taking down the world's most wanted- heading off to the beach to see what we can discover out in God's beautiful creation & to get some exercise!
God bless America!

Here are a few insights into our homeschool study today:

1. Our 9yr old is reading a historical newspaper article about today's current event! He will write an "editorial" describing what he knows about the facts involving the attack on 9-11 & what today means to him.

2. Our 6 yr. old (Kindergarten)  has watched some of the news  footage of today's events- I have explained to him the 6 yr. old version of what is going on. He remembered & realized that today's celebration was related to the events from 9-11 & reminded me of what he has learned about those attacks. (he did confuse the Eiffel tower in Paris with the Twin Towers in New York because of our recent geography study- but it was a good teaching moment)

3. Our pre-schooler - is in the sand box. lol- He has watched some of the news & I have explained a bit of what it all means in a way that I know is not frightening to him but let him know that our US military has taken down a man who was very bad in order to protect America & others throughout the world.

*We will also be sure to fit in some math today- even if it means using sea shells as manipulatives & practicing the multiplication tables while walking on the beach! (what better way is there?)
*We have Bible reading time & review Bible memory verses.

From my heart:

Where were you on September 11? I remember rocking my 3 month old baby in our wooden rocking chair & watching events unfold. I cried & sang to the baby & held him very very tight. Within the first 15 minutes of realizing that there were 2 airplanes instead of just 1 (possible accidental) crash- I had a car full of gas, baby supplies, and was standing in line at the bank to be sure to get some cash in hand.

I remember the bank teller in our small town asking me how much money I wanted - as I stood there with my new born baby in my arms - my response was, "How much do I have?" We both teared up at that moment. She said, "I know , I know".  I withdrew enough just for a week or two and left. Americans all around the world had to assess the situation and make the best choices possible. We wanted to protect our families- we didn't want to crash the world banks!

There were a lot of decisions that had to be made very quickly that day. We didn't know what would happen next. We didn't know where, or who the next target was. As more information poured in, America was in shock to hear that our  Pentagon was under attack. It was an unbelievable shock to our country and to the rest of the world who counts on our support every day.

My sons lullabies from that day on- were our national anthem, and all the other patriotic songs that I had grown up with. Our hearts broke for those we knew & those we didn't who lost their lives that day.

We must not forget - We cannot forget!
Where were you that day? What do you teach your children about it?

Thank you to our US Military & your families who sacrifice so much to keep us safe each and every day!


gypsyreeves said...

Hi Kelli, Thanks for the follow, I am following back... Your boys are adorable! Are you moving to the beach? Such an awesome place to live :) we love it! Well off to read your blog... stop by anytime!

gypsyreeves said...

actually we are in florida too, not cali and we live right on the beach and you are right florida's beaches are gorgeous and no not to good for surfing, we giggle when we see the shoobies heading on the beach with their surfboards as if... lol

Jill said...

Your lessons to your boys and your memories gave me chills, Kelli. I always have been and will remain very proud to be an American. Thank you for giving me the chance to say so.

Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe that bin Laden is now dead...I had 2 of my three daughters at that point (then 2 1/2 & 1), I was at home with them & talking to my sister by phone. Unbelievable. In our homeschool, we discussed the event & why it was not "murder" when bin Laden's life was taken.