Thursday, July 21, 2011

Adventurez Creating with Trash! Re-cycling Fun-

We used things that were saved from the trash bin- stuff that needed a "new life" - and whatever else we had around the house to create our very own :

"Science Specimens" Kit - (they named it)
My 10 yr. old drew a picture of a microscope for the front.

Everything fit nicely in our kit:

 W. (6yrs) made the log book from scraps and decorated it: I think it was brilliantly done- he drew the state of Florida, and added a US Flag "cause that's where we find our bugs" He made a couple of snails and added a flower - great specimen examples- I love the word stickers he added)

The boys have never had so much fun with a project! They even put some supplies in a back pack - including the journal- a pair of binoculars- and a jar - and headed off on an excursion (in the yard)
to find "specimens" worthy of their new kit.

Yup, that's a dead scorpion.

 We observed:

Black Widow Y'all:

Wasp larvae:

We examined:

 We researched:

We learned!

I had to force my 6 yr. old to put it away and finally go to bed- he was still busy looking at "specimens" they collected from around the outside (and even the inside) of the house.

I know some of you say that you drool over our beach pictures . . . .
So, how do ya like me now? lol

Scorpions, Black Widow. . . . lots of bugs. . . . from around my house!

My 5 yr. old carefully "pins" the wasp nest with toothpicks:
(I figured they were safer- for the kids anyway)

Our homemade kit was made using:

1 recycled box (child-size briefcase)
1 chunk of used clean Styrofoam
Tooth picks (instead of sharp pins to hold specimen in place)
Extra tweezers from around the house
An old magnifying glass
A (broken) plastic micro-scope
A homemade "nature log book" (from scrap paper)
Left over clear packing tape (to "preserve" the specimen)
Scraps of paper for "labels"
(Daddy's) Field Journal for identification
Encyclopedia's to look up extra information
Pens and pencils
3 x 5 index cards (to attach specimen once it is taped)

The whole family had a great time with this project- Daddy helped identify some of the little creatures with his field journal and superior knowledge of the insect population.

 Each of the boys took part in finding the specimens, listing their observations, labeling and entering information in the log.

And Mommy photographed the excursion and its findings!

It's terrific to observe "live" creatures in the wild- and we will often collect insects and lizards to observe in a jar and then release-  but they are really getting a kick out of gathering dead bugs!
 (I shouldn't be the least bit surprised)

* Almost no children or live creatures were harmed in the making of this product- much.
 (except that Black Widow who is just not allowed to live here)

Have you made anything fun and creative with your trash lately that you'd like to share with us? We'd love to hear about it!



1TootieFoodie said...

Love the creating with recycled items idea. It's really amazing what you can come up with to reuse items.

Young Adventures... said...

Very creative Kelli!

Michelle said...

I LOOOOOVE that!!!!! Your kids ROCK! Great job :)

Yes, your linky worked! woohoo!!!

Thank you so much for that hummus post too!! We just traveled virtually to Greece and we had store bought kind and I think they would LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe to make it! Don't kids seem to love stuff that they make waaay more than the store bought kind?!


Jill said...

GREAT idea and lesson!

k balman said...

Love It! This is the sort of stuff I want to do. We love to be outdoors and be hands on and creative! We actually have a paper wasp nest and a dead katydid already gathered for studies. Even though the katydid is going with us to the nature center next time we go so we can get points and exchange it for something else.

TheRockerMom said...

Very cool... except the scorpion. I have an irrational fear of scorpions, wasps and hornets. I tend to think they're all out there plotting to find me. ;)

My husband will have to do the creepy crawly things with my son. I had no trouble dissecting everything in high school and college... except for the unnaturally large grasshopper. My lab partners (all guys) agreed to do it if I'd do the rat. I thought that was a wonderful plan!

I think you've just inspired a new Pinterest board... Things RockerDad Can Do With Robbie. Your post will be the first pin. (It really is cool.)

Julie said...

I just love using recycled items! Following you back from the blog hop. You've got some great ideas here! Thanks for stopping by my site.

Amber said...

What a great idea! Love it!
Very creative and a great way to encourage kids to reuse what you can!

Terri said...

I love this idea! I may have to adapt it for my little ones!

Theresa said...

Great post!! What a great idea! I love how your whole family got in on it!

Susan @ learning ALL the time!! said...

Learning is so much better when the whole family can participate!!