Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Adventurez With Art- 5 minutes A Day!

Back in June I joined up with the "Index Card a Day" creative Art project-
I just thought I'd share a few of ours (I'm not much of an artist) and tell you about
the idea.

The plan is to take 5 minutes a day and create SOMETHING on a 3x5 card- words
that inspire you- pretty colors- a sketch- whatever your little heart desires.

We are created by an imaginative God- to be a creative people- I believe this is a
great exercise to "wake up" some of that inner artist:

We were studying Italy and the above 3x5 card was used to
represent the beautiful stained glass windows in the cathedrals!

I'll get them all together and post another time-
but this is the thing, If you can find just 5 minutes per day -
grab a 3x5 card and doodle - create- write the words from your heart-
or just put color to paper! It (obviously) doesn't have to be
a fabulous creation- and it isn't a competition!

Check out work by others who are participating:

Although, officially you are only supposed to join in if you started in June
I'd sure like to see anything you come up with!

Daisy Yellow is a fun artistic blog that will help your inner artist
come bustin out!


Becky (So Very Blessed) said...

What a great idea!

Michelle said...

Those look fantastic!! I love the ones with pops of color!


Jen said...

I like your art

I really like your fish

and I did heaps of the geometrical "stained glass inspired" ones as a 10 year old its been nice revisiting that type of art

enjoy the process my friend

Jill said...

This is a great idea and you executed it so well!

Buttons in a cup mama said...

Really those cards. Cool idea for the kids. I surely will come back !