Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake Unit Study

One of the things we like to do in our
family homeschool is to make good
use of current events. They aren't all
good events, but it is real and gives the
boys a chance to learn from "life"
 (which we very much approve of)!

In light of yesterday's earthquake that
shook the eastern seaboard - I created
this unit study that incorporates every
thing from Bible to Geology and even
(of course) a craft!

It can be tweaked to fit the needs of
your children by age and level
of understanding. There are links
and resources included that I think
you will enjoy from around the web.

Enjoy:  Earthquake Unit Study ;

Bible Verse Page, Tectonic Map, and Earth's Layers Color Sheets

What we learned and did using the Unit Study:

We practiced safety steps- mainly:
Drop, get Under (a sturdy table), and Hold (on)

We made our own Family Emergency Plan
and put together a list for our Disaster Kit with
information found on the links.
 We did the Earthquake craft!
 We rolled out the different colors of
clay into thin rectangles. . .
 We laid them out one at a time . . .
 Stacked one on top of the other. . .
 Mashed them firmly together
and then cut them in half. . .
Everyone got a good look
at the different layers- then
we put them back together
but NOT straight. (overlapping) . . .
 The boys  put pressure on
each side until the layers split at
the crack and buckled.

We had a great discussion about
how the same type of situation would
apply for the 3 layers of the Earth's crust
and what happens when the pressure
builds up!

They got it! They really got it & I don't think it will be easily forgotten! 

 We did the worksheets, colored
the map of the US tectonic plates and
the diagram of the Earth's crust. . .
We researched the links and answered
the questions- I asked the questions first
to see what they already knew and went
from there. . .
We went over our Bible verse and
talked about our Creator who is so
wise and powerful.

We learned that although sometimes
seemingly "bad" things do happen here
on this "imperfect" Earth- God loves
us unconditionally - and if we just trust
Him- there is NOTHING here for us to
fear. He gives us strength and courage to
face what we must and to overcome all adversity.


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Thanks for sharing this! It's just what I was looking for.

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This looks like *such* a fun activity, and what a great way to learn about earthquakes!

Thanks for showing us!

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what a neat unit study :)

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