Thursday, August 25, 2011

Adventurez- On The Road Again

 It's been a whirlwind of activity-
No, that's not a Hurricane reference - I'm talking about the fact that I haven't stayed
put - at home or in any one place - for more than about a week this entire summer!

 Not just me, the whole family has been on the go! We went from  visiting with family in Naples Florida to camping out for the last space shuttle on the Space Coast - to a fun family adventure in Palm Beach - We've visited new Science Centers and got to meet some very special rescued Sea Turtles at Juno Beach. And even went on a Florida style safari at Lion Country Safari!

 We've kayaked and explored Sanibel Island, while visiting with cousins.

We entertained close family friends at our place at the beach and then headed to theirs in Atlanta for the Southeast Homeschool Convention! Where we got to "shoot the hootch" - which means - We put the family in a canoe and paddled down the Chattahoochee River!

We explored the History/Visitors Center in Roswell which led
us to a creek and a fabulous waterfall!
While at the most awesome
Southeast Homeschool Convention  -
we met a young man (one of the vendors) who started his own company with a couple of other students.

They sell "mushroom kits" - yup- mushrooms!
We like to grow stuff- and decided it would be a terrific learning experience for the boys- not to mention the fact that it will fit nicely into my
"Cooking 101" curriculum.

It's very simple instructions tell you to slit the bag
You open the front part of the box to get to it
 You submerge the bag and soak it overnight!
Then you stick it back in the handy little box
and keep the spray bottle close by to keep it moist.
(Of course, that's not easy to do if you are on the road every time you turn around) :)

Don't get me wrong - we've had a blast and we love
to travel. I am just realizing that we have been way busy this summer!

I'll let ya know how the oyster mushrooms turn out!
You can get your own handy little mushroom kit at - they use recycled coffee
grounds for the soil - which I happen to think is really
cool and I love their motto-"sustainable is delicious"!

Upon our return from Atlanta- I had about a week
to get laundry in order and recover before taking
off for a week in Orlando with my sister and her
cutie pie little family.

This cowboy is mine- but  the "Mario" character
and the sweet little twin baby boys are hers.

This one is mine too- and has nothing really to do with this article except to say that - well, he's cute- and while we were in Orlando visiting cousins- we discovered that my sister has been having a hard time getting the "babies" (who aren't SUCH babies anymore) to eat a variety of foods. They have grown accustomed to  our family homemade baby food and that's been just about all they will eat! It's very healthy so she hasn't worried, except that it is HIGH time for them to be eating real food (or they might end up leaving home for college with the food processor . . . lol)  So, while "aunt Kelli" was there, we played around (literally) with our food. And, guess what? They ate it!

Isn't it fun?! We also made little train "whistles" out of our rolled up ham and blew on them for awhile and then . . . they ate them! Just thought I'd share - in case you have any little food nazi's out there!
Hard to believe it of this one - huh?

Did I mention that we'll be leaving town again in a few days?

Well, the boys and I anyhow- and my 10 yr old baby is headed off on a big adventure all the way to Alaska! (without me!)

I'll be back in Orlando for a few & plan to do some exploring with the little guys
(they don't get to go to Alaska) but, I'm sure we will find some adventure to get up to!
I hear there are a lot of bears now in the Wekiva Forrest- and they've never
kayaked the Wekiva River! hummmmm- I'll be sure to let ya know what we get up to.


Jill said...

I just love the pictures of your boys. They are so cute (so are you, Mom). As far as all you've done this summer, all I can say is...I wish I had YOUR energy! :)

Leslie said...

Goodness - what a crazy summer. What is he doing in Alaska??? That is pretty far for a field trip. How cool! I'm going to check out the mushroom man for next year. We are growing worms right now but it isn't working :(

Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

Jill- I'm laughing because my RA interferes so much with what I do and want to do- I spend time in bed resting in between - I don't get moving well until about 10 am - I just pace myself very carefully! ur very sweet- :)

Leslie- it is the best field trip ever huh? My parents are taking him! and, how does one go about "growing worms"?

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Love your site - you all have a lot of fun! The mushroom garden looks particularly interesting! I hope they turn out! I was going to try to follow you but I didn't see a place?