Thursday, August 11, 2011

Homemade Key Lime Pie- for School is pretty cool don't ya think?

We started our official
"back to school" routine. Well,
as much as a routine as we can
stand anyhow.

I asked the boys what they
want to study this year
I know- crazy-right? 

Seriously, they had some great ideas.

My oldest son came up with his usual "science, chemistry, physics"
The universe,super novas, hyper novas, human body, robotics,
kind of stuff.
My youngest one said "cooking and art" - not a surprise either.
The middle boy - well, it shouldn't have been a surprise for me either- but,
I quote:

War (especially WWII)
Oh, and Volcanoes!

He looks so innocent:

But, he's got that "gleam in the eye"! He is seriously obsessed with the
history of war & the weapons and machinery involved.

I don't know too many 6 yr olds who actually request the Military Channel on a
regular basis! We don't let him watch blood and guts kind of violence- but it is
hard to deny him some of the information he is seeking. We are just approaching
it from a historical perspective. I figured I can use it to my advantage for school!

Anyhow- although we don't technically have a "summer off" and "start back" date
I wanted to make a celebration out of the "beginning" of our so called school year to
help get the excitement going.

A lot of people have been curious about how we do school - so I thought I'd give
you a run down of a SOMEWHAT (although- we are nothing if not flexible) school day:

We started out (after breakfast, dressing, teeth, and a.m. chores) with the
pledge. They take turns with the honor of holding the flag.

Then we pray and ask God to lead our minds and our hearts as we learn & to
keep us open to what He wants to show us.

Then we sit down at the table and do some "copy work".

I find it is easier to combine a couple of subjects to get this done - especially with
boys - who hate to write!

I introduce our new Bible verse- and write it on the dry erase board. (there is typically
a longer and a shorter version for younger/older children)

I help the younger ones with theirs and fill in some of the words for them - it helps
figure out any letters they are needing extra practice with and such as well.

My older son then copies the verse again in cursive while I help the others finish.

We usually have a Math worksheet or two (we do Math every day in one form or another)
while the older one is working independently- I'll help the others with manipulative's or with
whatever else they are working on.

Then it's time for a snack and to change locations! Often we move the large cushions
to the library area (next to the table- lol) and start a more "active" project.

Here we started our "Cooking 101" class:

The younger boys (5 yr and 6 yr) cut out pics of food that were inspiring - "recipes" they
wanted to make- the 10 yr old cut out actual recipes he read about in the magazines. They
all went into our new "Cooking 101" binder! 

We took notes and wrote out Vocabulary we came across along the way.

Of course, we decorated the front of our binder with an inspiring picture of their choice!
One of the most important things we did though, was to lay out the planning.
How does one go about planning a menu? You have to have a budget - we looked at
the sales in the Publix ad and discussed coupons to go with it. (Great math op)

Then we planned some meals within our budget and began to search the recipes
we'd gathered for ideas on what to do with our available foods.

This little guy wanted to use the "slap-chopper" and I said No:

 It doesn't always go perfectly smooth at our house. So, IF you were under THAT
impression- let me CLEAR up the MISCONCEPTION! Our little side trips into
pitty party land don't usually last too long-
We got straightened out and back to work - the rest of the time went great.

Daddy helped with these lovely steaks - and cooked the mushrooms and onions after
all the prep-work was done!

#1 son made the Key Lime Pie mostly by himself
while little brothers did some zesting. . .
For the rest of the process - he was really on his own!

He read, he mixed, he poured, he double checked, and HE Made a pie from scratch!
(except the crust- we cheated on that)

It was a lovely family dinner- the boys were proud of their accomplishments and
are excited about the upcoming school year- AND the pie!
(did I mention the homemade whipped cream topping?)

Excited about school- Mostly excited about the pie!

And very proud!

Key lime pie recipe:
juice 3-4 limes for 1 cup of lime juice
(more if using real key limes- they are more expensive so we
just went with the regular limes)
3 egg yolks- room temp.
2 tsp zest from the lime
1 can condensed sweet milk (14 oz)

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
Beat egg yolks until light and fluffy then
slowly add in the condensed milk, zest, and lime juice (while beating)
When mixture is light and fluffy again- pour into pie crust (graham cracker-
we dotted ours with butter before adding mixture)
Bake for @15 minutes (until mixture if firm when lightly shaken- it shouldn't 'jiggle')
Cool on counter - then move to fridge for at least an hour or two (or overnight if you can wait)

Prepare whipped topping:
Beat heavy whipping cream in bowl with 1/2  cup powdered sugar until firm and chill
(we added ours to icing bag with star tip and decorated one star at a time)

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Jill said...

Great job to all of you. The pie looks delish!

katepickle said...

what a fab learning experience... love it when real life learning happens!

Sparklee said...

Wow--what a yummy meal, and it's so great that they are learning about real-life skills, like how to work together!

My son is also interested in weapons, war, etc. Not sure where that came from, since he's actually a really sweet kid! :)

Your boys are just adorable!

Steph said...

That looks like so much fun! Kudos to your oldest for being able to do all of that on his own. I am very impressed. :)