Monday, August 8, 2011

Adventurez with Pirates!

Ahoy Maties! We've been sailin' the high seas searchin' fer
burried treasure. (well, in our imaginations anyway)

The boys had an idea  - they came to me dressed in
their best Pirate get-ups and requested a treasure map. Their lousy mother
didn't even get a picture- I must be loosing my touch/obsession - No, not a chance!
They collected sticks from the yard and wanted them rolled with paper
into a map that would lead them to a prize!

See the full post with pictures here to learn how we made it and
see our new "Virtual Travel Journals".

Great idea if I must say so myself! I ripped up one of the paper
grocery bags I keep on hand for just such an occasion. They come
in handy for all sorts of projects. (see travel journals)

Check out these most adorable FREE Pirate printables from
Two Teaching Mamas - If you happen to be feeling Piratey (I can
make up my own words - right?) join in on the fun -
 liven up the homeschool day!!!
You can print them from a zip file on their blog:


Please leave 'em a note and let Two Teaching Mamas know I sent you !

I know a couple of little boys who are much more excited about starting the
official school year now that they know there is Pirating on the horizon!

Can't wait to tell you about our "Sword" curriclum idea we picked up from
inspiration at the Southeast Homeschool Convention- History is a lot more fun
(especially for boys) if there are swords involved!

How are you starting off the school year?


Jill said...

I wanna be a pirate at your house!

Ingi said...

That's just a bit freaky - my kids were playing pirates on the lounge yesterday! I heard my (12 year old) son talking about drinking rum and my ears pricked up! Don't worry mum, we're just being pirates!!

Lea @ Mother Baby Child said...

Really cute activity and map ...

BTW - I am a new friend and follower from Blog Frog. Great to connect with you :)