Sunday, August 7, 2011

Travel Journals and Treasure Map Adventurez

We made this simple little travel journal out of an inexpensive
composition notebook
(there are lots of them on sale right now)
a paper bag, and packaging from a map.
(that's right, not the map itself- it's on the wall)

We ripped the bag and used good 'ole Elmers glue to adhere it
to the book. We just continued ripping strips until it was covered in a
way that we decided was "good".
We did not wrap any of the paper around the spine and we
were careful not to let the glue drip on the pages.

Then we just added bits of the packaging that one of our maps came in
We added the compass rose from the packaging as well.

Afterward, the boys brought in a couple of sticks from the yard
and informed me that they were in dire need of a treasure map.

We crunched up some of the paper bag to make it more
pliable and to "age it"

We are beginning a study on Volcanoes
so we added one to the map.

We used lots of glue to adhere the sticks in a
"scroll- like" manner.

The boys were thrilled!
We also drew a simple compass rose which is
an important part of our ongoing
Geography project. They are learning about
map keys and vocabulary so this was a quick and easy
little lesson for them (disguised as play time)

They even had to count out their steps to follow the
path from where "X" marks the spot!

We hid a little "treasure" and the boys started in
one corner of the yard and marched around
counting their steps
(the swing set tower made a great volcano)
They even ran to put on their pirate costumes for the excursion.

They played for hours - using their imaginations
and just a few simple props from around the house.

Maybe we'll even log their pretend "adventure" into their
new Travel Journals!

They are "Virtual Travel Journals" after all -
for our trip around the world.


Jill said...

You are making me miss having younger kids. Brillant lesson!

Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

Jill- you're never too old for a journal! :) I love to decorate them-

MJ said...

These are wonderful Kelli! bookmarking now!!