Monday, September 19, 2011

The End of Life As We Know It

He's been with us for such a very long time. . . 
He helped Walker move from here:

To the monumental "big boy" bed: 

Exciting times!

I know you didn't need 2 pictures of them, but I just couldn't pick!

Walker's beloved "Teddy" 
Has been through so much!

He's been discarded 
(face down no less) 
for exciting or more interesting toys along the way: 


He's been loved, and over-loved! 
(that's a word right?) 
No matter the abuse he's taken- 
Teddy has always been there to comfort and console. 


He's been camping and has joined us on most all of our adventures!
(below is last summer's camping trip along the Suwanee River Trail) 
He's an extremely resilient little bear. 

And now, 
Walker is about to turn 7 which means that Teddy is too. 

Through all of life's ups and downs 
Through all of our adventures- Teddy has been. . . well, 

(you thought we were getting ready to say goodbye to Teddy right?) 
Not a chance.

Are you kidding? He's like part of the family!
But, he has been living life as a nudist. . .
And, we did finally make him some clothes: 

I've been getting lots (and I mean LOTS) 
of great ideas from Pinterest.
One of the interesting concepts I've come across 
are the many different things you can make from T-shirts!

I set out to make this handy T-shirt Tote:

I cut off the sleeves and around the neck. 
I trimmed the bottom and trimmed the sides and 
then stitched up the bottom- Easy Peasy!

if you want to see more samples!

The left over scraps (from the sleeves) 
became Teddy's clothes!
It took a ridiculous amount of time to 
embroider the "T" on the front, but like I said. . . 
Teddy's part of the family!

Walker was so happy about Teddy's new hoodie that he 
requested PJ's for bedtime so Teddy would 
have day clothes and night clothes to change in and out of.

With an outgrown and stained shirt that was ready to
join my stash of dusting cloths - I gave Teddy PJ's a shot.

I started with one sleeve: 


It fit perfectly around his waist- so I cut a slit up the front

Flipped the "pants" inside out and pinned them up as such: 

It was simple to hand stitch  together: 


They fit him perfectly!


The other sleeve became a very simple shirt by cutting arm holes:

I used leftover scraps to sew him a "night cap":

With three little boys-
This is about as close as it gets to making doll clothes for me! 

It was a fun and green way to be creative and to 
honor a very special member of our family. 

Both Teddy and Walker were thrilled with the ensemble!

Have you made anything from upcycled T-shirts?
I'd love to see your creations or hear about your ideas. 

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Theresa said...

So cute! I love the hat!!

I often post two photos because I can't decide--lol! And both of yours were so cute!

Glad Teddy got some clothes -- it's getting chilly!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Hahaha! So glad teddy is no longer naked! I still have my childhood bear--that's not weird right? He washed up quite nicely in the washing machine. :)

Mama Forestdweller said...

I love Teddy's clothes!!! So fabulous. I will have to try this for Emma's bear...and for her dolls, as she is always losing their clothes... ;)

Jill said...

What a great idea. They turned out great!

Jeanne @The Noodle Factory said...

So sweet. For our boys it's "Tiger" and "Yellow Blankie". It's funny how, over the years, these inanimate objects take on a life and personality of their own and become like an extension of the family.
FYI: I'm hosting a Giveaway at my blog, The Noodle Factory. It's an original drawing of mine. I'd love for you and your readers to come check it out and enter the drawing.

Donetta said...

Haha! That is awesome!! I love the nightcap and pjs!! Adorable. :)

Hyacynth said...

Overloved is totally a word in my book. :)
And I think it is awesome that Teddy got some clothes. {Side rant: my boys totally wish they could be like teddy and live life as a nudist!}

Gidget said...

That is so awesome! Kelli, you, my friend, are so talented - you need to teach my daughter because she desperately wants to learn :)

I love the nightcap especially :)

Jen@ADropintheBucket said...

So cute!! Thanks for the prayers for a safe trip. We are back safe and sound in the netherlands, at least for a few weeks! Love this post. Our little guy (2) has a teddy that he has slept with forever, I am going to pin your blog post so I can remember this when we decided to make Manny not be a nudist any more!

Mommie Dearest Strikes Again said...

What a cute idea! My son is 17 now and he still has his "Ducky!" (His version of Teddy) I never thought about making clothes though - Ducky always gone around in his birthday suit too!

Chris said...

Hi Kelli Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm sure Teddy is happy to have a new outfit. You made it so well. TFS the lovely pics of your family. I love the tent photo reminds me of my boys when they would set up tent at home. What fun.

Sheri said...

I loved this post from beginning to end! So glad Teddy is no longer a nudist, he has some great duds now! Your pictures are great. Thanks for the smiles. *new follower Also thanks for stopping by my blog!

Kelli said...

We have a little guy like that, but he is a giraffe. His name is Raffe. Raffe has gone so many places that he has had to have quite a few baths. I am beginning to think Raffe is going to need to be restuffed soon and he is only five. I wonder if I should attempt to make him clothes?