Wednesday, October 5, 2011

#31 days of Exploring God's Creation - Camp Gear Checklist - free printable

Welcome! I'm truly glad you're here-
I'm participating in a #31days of . . . series 
started by Nessy of  "Nesting Place"
and Darcy of "My3boybarians" 

There are actually hundreds of 
bloggers participating in this 
challenge to dig a little deeper by 
posting on the same topic for 31 days straight

Throughout the month of October 
I'll be bringing you posts about
"Exploring God's Creation"
Getting the Family Out in the Great Outdoors

Day #5 
Get Your Gear On! 

I've made you a free printable to help with your next
camping venture! It's a simple checklist of important 
things to bring along for the journey. I'll be following 
up with both a "Travel Pack" and a "Camp Kitchen" 
printable over the next few days. I suggest that you 
print them out and start yourself a "family adventure 
file" where you can store information you might need 
when planning your next big outing! 

My Internet was  sabotaged by a man on a mower- so
I'm a bit late getting this out today! Happy to be up and 
running- hope you are enjoying the great outdoors and
this beautiful Fall weather with your family- God Bless!

Fall at Bernheim Forest in Kentucky

Click on the picture below for free printable: 

Camping Gear Checklist- pdf 

Thank you for visiting! Y'all come back now- ya hear? 

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Jen said...

thanks Kelli

Susan said...

That is possibly the most beautiful tree EVER!

Thanks for commenting on my post. You are quite right...I'm a bit of a nut! I'm really laughing at myself tonight. I was working on another tutorial to post tomorrow but it has gone AAAALLLL wrong. Well, maybe not wrong but it has certainly taken a new direction! I don't think I will be able to post it tomorrow but maybe the next day.

Have a great rest of the week!