Thursday, October 6, 2011

#31 days of Exploring God's Creation - Camp Checklist - Travel Pack and Fun Xtras

Welcome! I'm truly glad you're here-
I'm participating in a #31days of . . . series 
started by the Nester of  "Nesting Place"
and Darcy from "My3Boybarians"

There are actually hundreds of 
bloggers participating in this 
challenge to dig a little deeper by 
posting on the same topic for 31 days straight

Throughout the month of October 
I'll be bringing you posts about
"Exploring God's Creation"
Getting the Family Out in the Great Outdoors

Day #7 

On Day #6- I provided a printable for your Camp Kitchen- here 
On Day #5- Was a general list for your Camp Gear - here 

Oscar Scherer State Park- Venice, Florida

* Kids Love Love (and I mean LOVE) to have their own pieces of real
camping equipment! An inexpensive plastic lantern and pair of binoculars
will bring them hours of fun and make them feel extremely adventurous! 

Today's "Travel Pack and Extras" is all about the things that I've 
found to come in handy when on our camping adventures. 
 There is blank space on each of the printables for you to 
add the items which are particularly suitable for your own family. 
The first aide kit in particular should be stocked with items at your
own discretion.

* Super glue can be used in an emergency in place of stitches!

(btw-I've not used it for that purpose- but I keep it on hand and also 
"butterfly stitch tape" - which I have used) 

We always have a cooler full of ice, so I don't list the first aide ice
packs that can be cracked and used, but they are not a bad idea
and can be carried easily in a back pack while hiking and won't 
even melt. 

Game cards (such as Old Maid, Go Fish, Uno and the like) are
on the list- along with Paper and Crayons (for kiddos art work 
and also for making "crayon rub" raised nature prints-  I wanted to
mention that I often carry a small bag with some foam sheets, foam
stickers, a marker, and set of dice for the kids to get creative and 
make up their own simple games like the one below. Nothing bulky
or heavy, but fun just the same. Think "compact" as you are packing!
 Having card games and a few simple creative tools on hand 
make for great family fun once the sun goes down or when you 
stuck in the rain! 

Foam sheets- stickers- dice = simple math game

* Family Game Night is even better when you are sitting in a
 tent under the stars! It makes for a memorable time none of 
you will soon forget!

Never underestimate the power of family time - and smores
Way down upon the Suwannee River!

* Bring back the art of storytelling! 

Children love to hear stories from when their parents were younger.
Getting back to nature provides the perfect back drop for stories 
from the past or even for reading old favorites. 

Hanging out by the fire and sleeping in a tent gives parents the added
benefit of a captive audience - contented children who've had a full
day of outdoor play and your undivided attention are likely to listen 
carefully as you share your heart with them! 

It's wonderful for getting to know each other on a deeper level and 
for good 'ole fashioned family fun! Whatever you are sharing - it's 
much easier to keep their full attention when they know they've had
the benefit of yours. 

Each of our boys have a harmonica. Now, we aren't official musicians
and you really couldn't categorize the type of songs the boys play 
around the fire (let's just say it keeps the wild animals away- hehee) but,
 it is a beautiful thing to sing and play fun camp songs and praise music
thanking God in our hearts for the beauty He's created and the 
opportunity to enjoy it together- and I know that it is sweet sweet 
music in His ears! 

Sheltowee Trace Outfitters and Camping- Cumberland Gap, KY

* Singing praises around the camp fire is an awesome family 
camp activity and a memorable tradition for your adventures.

Psalm 113: 3
"From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same,
the Lord's name is to be praised."

Boca Grande, FL

Free printable-
Camp Checklist Travel Pack and Fun Xtras :

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Anonymous said...

This post *almost* makes me want to go camping ;) We never went camping when I was a kid. Except I went with some friends one or two times. And I had a great time. Mostly because we had indoor plumbing at the place we went! But my husband LOVES to camp. And would love to pass that passion onto our daughter. Thanks for this great list, that I will be referencing for when the time comes that we do venture out on our first family camping event.

Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

I hope you do go with your daughter - pick a nice place where they have electric and water & take along a simple blow up mattress for comfort - with showers and all, I bet you'll adjust pretty quickly! :)