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#31 days of Exploring God's Creation -It's The Simple Things- Day 9

Blogging for 31 days straight on the topic of-

"Exploring God's Creation" 

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Getting the family out to explore nature is near and dear to my heart. I want my family to soak it up!

Day #9 - It's The Simple Things :

Simple things like-
Studying the intricate details of a spider web together:

Thank you to Trisha from for sharing these lovely pictures and
information from their family nature study!

Their whole family was involved in observing the spider - pictured above
 eating a yellow jacket!

It's a perfect example of what this whole "Exploring God's Creation" thing is all about.
It's so important for us to slow down long enough to pay attention to the little things.

I see beauty in the intricate web of this simple spider!
I see God in the details. 

He created the spider with the innate ability to measure precisely the distance between
 each spoke in the web. The little spider serves a much larger purpose in the grand
scheme of things. Everything in nature is connected-

It's simple - It's beautiful

Job 35: 11

"Who teaches us more than the beasts of the earth, 
and makes us wiser than the fowls of heaven." 

Please head over to Hodgepodge- here-  to read all about their nature studies and why
 they bother to watch the spider weave its web! They are using the Nature Study below
 as part of their family homeschool curriculum - It's a great program - link below:

*Hodgepodge also has the cutest yet simple T-shirt craft you should have a look at!

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