Sunday, October 9, 2011

Down We Go- with Kathy Escobar

photo by kelli- adventurezinchildrearing

I love the way the leaves in this photo almost make you feel as if you are 
spiraling downward! 

I'm hearing a lot of buzz lately on being "missional" and what that really means. 
Kathy Escobar has addressed the issue on a whole "nother" level with her life mission

Kathy Escobar - photo from website 

. . . and now with her recently released book:

"Down We Go"

Escobar quite literally turns the conventional church's idea of missional upside down as 
she digs in and embraces the "wild ways of Jesus". 

Like Jesus  - the issues Escobar addresses in her book and the direction she has taken
within her ministry at "The Refuge" is not always the popular view- 
especially within the ranks of her own Christian brothers and sisters. 

Like Jesus  - Escobar, in "Down We Go", isn't afraid to call it like it is. She challenges
Christians to stop "doing" for others and instead to become true "dignity restorers"

Like Jesus  - She calls us to a life full of mercy and genuine compassion for people.

In "Down We Go" - we are introduced to ideals that break down the
- not so hidden -
barriers which stand between the lost world and that of the church. 

Escobar believes that, as Chriatians, we are called to do more than just the 
"good deeds" such as are very popular in most churches today. She says it isn't 
enough to collect canned goods and clothing for the needy and simply check it 
off our "good deed list" for the day. 

She dares to suggest that to "take up our cross and follow Jesus" 
means we must get up out of the church pews and out from behind the tables in
the church board room - even out from behind the pulpit and go 

Into The Trenches

Down where it stinks, down where it's messy and dirty - and begin to truly give

And Receive LOVE!


You mean it isn't enough for me to gather my cute little family, dressed in their
Sunday best - and go to church - to give money, clothing, and food to the needy?

That's exactly what she's getting at! 

* She says, "We are called to be reflections of God's image in the world by 
recognizing the value and dignity of those who have been oppressed!" 

It's difficult to recognize the value of those society deems "less fortunate" 
without first establishing a relationship with them. 

Jesus was despised by the Pharisees precisely for that reason. 

He dared to sit and eat with the sinners. He broke bread and enjoyed 
relationship with them on a regular basis. 

He lived His life - down in the trenches!

What does it really mean to take up your cross and follow Jesus? 
For Christians, it means sacrificing the things which are familiar and safe- 
to break away from the crowd and stop worrying about what everyone else is 
(or is NOT) doing- to open yourself up to the pain and the mess that is true
 of all people

Romans 3:10
"For there is none righteous, No not one." 

We must create safe spaces for people to be real - spaces where they can share and heal. 

To do that
We must know them. 

The wild ways of Jesus lead to a life of freedom.
It isn't easy. It isn't always pretty. 
But, it's real. 

*I'm not being paid to write this article or to push sales for this book 
I did receive a free copy of the book to read and review. 
I'm so glad I did and I hope you'll take the time to read it too! 

If these issues touch your heart- please read the book! 

You can visit Kathy's web site here to learn more about the ministry that is "The Refuge" 


Lauren K. said...

Great pictures! I love your 31 Days topic!

Gidget said...

Great info! It seems like it is always easier to love on someone who has shared deeply than to share deeply yourself.

I don't know why we think that others will be less accepting of us than we are of that person who took down the walls...