Friday, October 28, 2011

#31days of Exploring God's Creation - Day 28 - Field Trip'in

This series throughout October is brought inspired by-
My3BoyBarians & The Nesting Place

Day 28 - Field Trip'in

Field trips are a wonderful way to get out and explore God's creation!

Here is a peak at one of our field trips:

Visit a local farm or ranch- We went with some homeschool friends out into the country
to famous Babcock Ranch Wilderness Adventures- except, we were actually on the private part of the property - cause we have special friends- so we didn't have to pay $19.95 for an eco-tour ride in a swamp buggy- we just borrowed one. Too much red-neck fun to even describe y'all!

This sweet little guy was hanging out on the farm: 


And y'all may recognize at least one of these wild creatures: 

(that would be Jenn@DazeofAdventure there on the end- far right) These ladies had so much fun 
in the red-neck buggy, you could hear them *squealing from a mile away! 

The kids ran and played and stayed perfectly content with absolutely NO technology! 
(or even electricity- we were wilderness camping y'all) 

It's more difficult than I realized to get good pictures from a bouncing red-neck buggy! 
(and I mean that with all due respect- I love that red-neck buggy)
I'm certain all the happy *squealing scared off any animals that may have been around
but, I didn't care. . . 

I was perfectly content to shoot the beautiful sky 

As the sun began to sink and the shadows fell

That pretty sky. . . 

. . . became glorious! God is good- 

Psalm 19: 1 
"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands."

Camping at Babcock Ranch- One of our Favorite Field Trips! 

Excited to be a part of a group of homeschoolers who camp
on a regular basis this year! Our camping season is upon us-
we cannot wait to be a part of the fellowship and fun in the great outdoors!

linking up with:
                        joy pockets

I'm truly grateful and I've been working on my gratitude list 
My "joy pockets" My "1000 gifts" 

#10 - soft music playing in the background
#11 - rough hands, hard working, soft heart- the man who still adores me
#12 - pain, yes- because without it I my journey would be different
#13 - unbridled laughter of brothers in the yard
#14- visit from a special sister in-law
#15 - eyes wide open, boundaries 
#16 - cooler mornings that warrant hot tea with sugar and cream 
#17 - true friends even far away who remain close to the heart
#18 - big shiny blue eyes - excited, full of love 
#19 - courage to do what is right, when it is the hard thing 
#20 - special "sisters" new friends I've never even met who are bonded in a way that 
some will sadly never understand 
#21- the woman, the "stranger" who went to her knees - quietly in her closet today 
petitioning God for my healing - thank you! 
#22 - parents who taught me to dream 

#23- my dream come true (there they are! my beach boys! all 4 of them!)



Jen said...

awww so cute

and I love those sunsets

Rebecca said...

What a TON of fun! I have really enjoyed reading through your series! crack me up! Hahaha! HUGS!

Jennifer said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! I love the sunset picture.

Three Thinking Mothers said...

Kelli -- when I was a little girl we used to go to huge parties out at the Babcock Ranch -- my dad had a road construction business in SW Florida and he got invited each year. They were always a lot of fun!


Jill said...

What a great time! I can almost hear the laughter.

Your pictures of the sunset are stunning. What a beautiful place to be.

MJ said...

Babcock looks amazing!! And your pictures of the sunset are just gorgeous. And your joy pockets--so sweet and wonderful--your gratitude shines. Wishing you much healing Kelli :). And you and your family are so beautiful...
Have a fantastic weekend..

ells said...

Kelli...looks like a lot of fun...the pictures of the sunset are gorgeous...Hope you days are better and energy is full and pain is gone...
Blessings to your weekend...

Craig said...

that GOLDEN sunset – all sorts of awesome. And the no technology thing – awesome to. And I've read Daze of Adventure - and I heart her heart for schooling her babies. And I heart your heart for schooling your babies to! And of your thank you list – my favorite – was that your mama taught you how to dream. I had one parent who was nothing but hurtful – and the other one did all she could to protect – not much teaching of dreaming. Oh – and that shot of you and all of your boys – your hubs looks like a good guy to know. God bless and keep you – every male tribe needs a matriarch!