Friday, December 9, 2011

3 in 30 - Goals Progress in Health, and Homeschool in the Outdoors!

Weekly Linkup

Goals Goals Goals! We all need them- most of us set them- but it can be very difficult to stick to them!
That's why I joined up with Ashley Pichea and a wonderful group of bloggers who have decided to
encourage each other in reaching our goals. There is no pressure here, just good 'ole fashioned positive
reinforcement from others who want to improve in various areas of their own lives.

About my goals -

I'm feeling pretty good about keeping on track this week. We had a houseful of company - it was a
fabulous time (you can read about it here) My friend Carrie from "Young Living Oil Lady"  was full
of encouragement and support in my journey towards improving my health. She even brought me some
special essential oils to help me on my way! I'm starting easy with the Citrus Fresh blend - Guess what?
It's helping me drink MORE water! That is one of my main goals! In turn- I'm drinking LESS Coke Zero
- also part of my goal!!!

We walked on the beach - not any vigorous exercise - mind you- but, I was moving my body and that is
exactly what I need to be doing. It was also good for my spirit. The time of fellowship just can't be beat.

I'm staying in the Word. I need to extend my quiet time and do more reading that isn't about lessons or
devotions for my kiddos & more about my relationship with Christ- but, I'm staying in the Word & that
helps me in every other department of my life.

I'm so happy with where our homeschool is going. We're a bit off track with company and with the
Christmas holidays - but we are enjoying our Truth Tinsel - by Amanda from Impress Your Kids 
(it's never too late to jump in - just go to her site with the links above & then do a couple of the projects
at a time- we are doing 2 a day for the next week to catch up! It's fun & educational)

We took a tour with our homeschool friends (Carrie and the boys) of the old Boca Grande lighthouse-
it was a joy to share this historical and unique museum with them and some of the history of our area.
We also discovered local critters, creatures, shells, and sharks teeth to share for Science lessons!

I love what God is doing in my life, heart, and in the lives of my family!

We are feeling extremely blessed this Christmas season!

I'm grateful for the friendships He has sent me - many through this blog - I'm proud of the way
our little online community is encouraging and inspiring each other- Thank you ladies!

Proverbs 27: 17
"As iron sharpens iron- so a friend sharpens a friend" 


Samantha Kelley said...

Great job- and beautiful pictures!

Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

Wonderful progress - we are enjoying the Truth in the Tinsel as well!!

I've enjoyed looking at your photos - so sorry that it's taken me so long to stop by!! I'm following you along now :)

Happy Friday!

Mommie Kate said...

Really pretty pics! I enjoyed reading about your progress. What you said about devotions - that it's really about your relationship with Him really spoke to my heart. Thank you for sharing that. #3in30 blessings!

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Oh it sounds wonderful! Sounds like you are doing great. I use a citrus blend, too, which helps me w/ stress.

Bernadette said...

Yes. Brave Warriors do need a battle plan. Love your words!

Tami @ said...

Awesome on having time in His word for YOU! I've let mine slip and I really miss it...

Rebecca said...

Sweet encourage me beyond words. I can't wait...until the miles between us are no longer there!!!!! Sending BIG hugs!