Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gifts From Above!

Some of you - sweet friends know the story of how I came to these beaches on the Gulf Coast of Florida
as a girl. You've heard me tell of how I walked up and down this sand and sang songs to my God and asked Him - if there were any way possible - to give me my very own family someday and provide a way for me to live close to my special place with it's sea shells and salt air.

 I adored the shells found snorkeling with my father or walking with my mother. The whole family played  here -swimming -shelling -laughing -digging in the sand. This place always felt like home to me.

Even all these years later- I continue to be amazed by the depths of His grace - and His gift of the sea  
as I breathe the salt air and enjoy this special place with my own family. My gifts. 

This week, I've relished in the warmth of His love and grace in the company of others who share the view 
that "All good things are from above" -friends who share my appreciation for God's creation
and are awestruck by even the tiniest of the sea shells - perfect in their design
 - engineered by the Master Designer. 

Laughing - swimming - splashing - kayaking together!
Watching light twinkle across water.

Building forts and making castles in the sand! 
Our group of 5 boys were perfect little gentlemen - they got along well together,
and they were respectful to the mama's.
It does my heart well, and I know for Carrie too-
to see that the values we work so hard to instill in them -
ARE indeed taking hold! 

Searching for treasure.

Finding it here - in my special place.
In the form of  friendship.

Soaking up the beauty - the artistry of His hand. 
Bonding in the moment.
Enjoying the (natural) colors of this season
in a beach town!

Happy - dancing over pretty shells - laughing silly - giddy over pretty gifts from the sea
Childish giggles - jumping for joy - skipping shells across the
 twinkling water as the sun slips beneath the horizon
- picking up just one more treasure
- begging to stay for just a bit longer 
- not wanting the day to come to an end. 

the kids had a pretty good time as well! 

(so I count)
As we count down to Christmas - spend time preparing to celebrate the birth of
the One who gave everything -
I'm so very grateful for the people He's carefully placed in my life.
My true gifts.
#51 Some of whom I've never met- #52 The wonderful family I share my days with -
#53 Friends who've lasted through the years-
#54 Parents and siblings who share precious memories-
#55 and a new friend who will hit her knees in prayer for a stranger-
#56 willing to drive for hours to connect with a sister -
#57 a fellow homeschool mom who puts her whole heart into all she does
#58 for her wonderful boys who are a joy to be with
#59 for  kindred spirits who will take a chance and listen as God guides
be it for an unconventional road trip to visit with a "stranger" or
a life changing mission to serve Him
#60 a friend who will share scriptures and a message with my children
sweet devotions - Advent - as we count down to Christmas
#61 one who cries when she prays for others
because she cares THAT much and has a deep desire to see them
healed and whole- free from pain.
#62 grateful for my gifts from the sea and a soul sister to share them with!
#63 loved spending time in nature enjoying the great outdoors with another homeschool family
#64 grateful that our God can use - even the internet - and twitter for His purpose -
#65 stunned by His success in bringing such a wonderful friend right to my front door
#66 thankful that she makes such yummy cinnamon rolls from scratch!
(even grinds her own wheat)

You can "meet" Carrie and read her blog here

Counting to #1000Gifts  and beyond!

#67 Enjoying Truth in the Tinsel with my children for Advent

#68 Remembering what the holidays are really all about by sharing His love
with my children during Advent as we count and enjoy colors of the Christmas season!

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Michelle said...

what a wonderful post! A fantastic reminder to stop and Thank our magnificent Lord for all he has bestowed on us!

I'm Veronica said...

incredibly beautiful photos and notes on your life, love it all! Thanks for stopping by and nice to meet you!

I'm Veronica said...

incredibly beautiful photos and notes on your life, love it all! Thanks for stopping by and nice to meet you!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful! He has blessed me with more gifts than I can count too. Thank you for sharing some your amazing gifts!

dsblanchard said...

Did you notice how the first picture of the sun setting looks like a sea shell? The way the grass in the foreground shaded the bottom of the sun gave it that pattern--fabulous shot!

I had a transportation back to my childhood this week, too. A ceramic set of pigs took me there...These are the exact piglets that sat on my grandmothers coffee table in her living room and that I played with as a young child. I love these moments and when you can introduce a whole new generation to something or some place you love it is extra special.

Great post!

Jill said...

This was beautiful, Kelli!

Cheryl said...

I have enjoyed reading your post and looking at your pictures. I grew up on the west coast and used to play in the Pacific Ocean. I still love it so.

Leanne said...

Love all those beach photos.

Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

Dawn, will you leave me your email or blog info so I can connect with you? Thank you for your sweet comments-

Jennifer @ said...

The artistry of His hand looks marvelous. In fact, the two of you make a mighty fine pair -- The Master Artist and one of his artistic apprentices, YOU. :)

I'm in love with your photos.

(So ... very ... glad you linked up with the community today.)

Lori said...

Wonderful photos, great sentiment (I particularly loved the statement that the kids had fun, too! Delicious LOL)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! Photos, words and thoughts!

Thanks for linking up to Manger Mondays!!

Rebecca said...

Kelli, I can NOT wait to wrap my arms around you! So glad you girls had a good visit....I know it was a blessing to both of you! I am so glad you're stepping out and have blessed me in ways...well, one day, you'll know!!! Thank you for your beautiful words!

MomLaur said...

Wow, what a packed out, full on blessing of God post! Those pictures are beautiful, the boys look like so much fun, and I am just in awe of our great creator. Thanks for sharing!

MomLaur said...

Wow, what a packed out, full on blessing of God post! Those pictures are beautiful, the boys look like so much fun, and I am just in awe of our great creator. Thanks for sharing!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Wonderful ~ awed how similar your story is ~ I too lived in a house and place by the ocean that I asked God for as a child ~ Although my son is grown, I treasure where I live for it is a gift ~ and they are come through the Great Spirit ~ namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

ells said...

Kelli...the pictures are just breathe taking...I love the beach...but reading this made me love it more...hope you health is well...and still watering yourself ....
blessings and prayers~

deborah said...

magnificent photography!

Amanda @ The Pelsers said...

Did you laminated your candle ornaments?

Susan said...

This is just beautiful!

Thank you for linking with Thankful Thursday at TTM.

Theresa said...

It is absolutely gorgeous where you live. Thank you for sharing that with us.

I love how you said "The birth of the One who gave everything." So beautiful and so true.

Donetta said...

Beautiful!! Love it! :)