Friday, January 6, 2012

3 in 30 - Looking at Marriage and Family into the New Year

It's not that I don't always care about my marriage and my family. I do. They are the ones God
has given me. They are my focus - next to my relationship with my Creator.

But, facing a new year- looking back - looking ahead causes one to take a closer look
at where things need to be "tweaked"
Improvement is in order! For me anyways, it is needed.

I keep hearing about this "word for the year" and I've been mulling it over
Improvement - Repair - Progress - Advance - Betterment - and then . . . . . .
That sounds better.
I want to "enhance" my marriage, the lives of my children, my relationships.


I believe that's the word for me this year!

In order to "enhance" our life I'll be setting some goals along with the 3in30 girls: 

My relationship with Christ must come first and foremost - For me, if I am following after God's heart,
the rest falls into place. Instead of having this as one of my "goals" suffice it to say that it is the thing that
all else must "spring" forth from. Make sense? I'll be concentrating in these categories:

1. Marriage & Family - the enhancement will spring from my relationship with the Lord. I will allow Him to lead and what He is showing me thus far is that there is improvement/ enhancement needed in a few different areas. 
                      - I've been participating in the #31Days to Pray For Your Spouse Challenge
                     It inspires me that I need to continue praying scripture over my husband daily -
                     it will help me to be aware of where he needs my encouragement and support.
                     I want to support him with my words and actions. (Love this ebook)

                     - I'm reading the book "How to Have a HEART for Your Kids" - 
                     Beginning January 15, I'll be participating in the online book club and am honored
                     to be one of the chosen writers to share my thoughts on chapter 4! I am already 
                     learning so much about loving my children better. 

                    - Each of these things listed above, along with searching my heart and letting God 
                    move in it and guide me along the path to love them the way they need me to love them. 
                    He has already shown me that I must keep a better watch on my words and my tone! 

2. Homeschool - I'm getting more organized - Little at a time
                        - This week I put papers in proper binders and I will continue to do so along
                        with getting other paperwork in order. I work on it at least 15 - 20 min. daily.

3. Writing - This includes the blog and networking with others in the online world.
                     - I am spending at least an hour or two each day on this.
                     - I usually am spending at least an hour at night on other writing projects.
                     - I'll be finished with the ebook for Diva Girls  by next Friday, but will continue
                     my schedule at least three nights a week to finish other projects. 
                     - I've been in search of a paid writing position and it appears that may have been
                     accomplished- yay! I will continue to pursue it - with follow up phone calls this week. 


I came across this free audio book while blog hopping - from Ann Voscamp  - You can get it here:

God's Mercy and My Marriage 

Getting back into the swing of things this week after Christmas break!

In my life this week: 
          Organization is the key - I'm making progress slowly but surely 

In our Homeschool: 
          We've been getting down to business again - reading "King Alfred's English" by Lauren White.
A History of the Language We Speak
Even though it is geared to older students grades 7 - 12 (and curious adults) I've been able to take it
just a little at a time and read it out loud to the boys. I also read from the "Passport to the World" book
by Craig Froman

 We'll read something interesting about a character such as "Eric the Red" and other vikings -
 then I'll use our "History of the Sword" coloring book to keep the boys busy as we discuss what it is we've read. We are learning about various types of ancient "armor" and how it was used by the soldier. We also use our big map to "pin" the area which we are discussing. All the hands on activity helps the boys learn and keeps them interested. They are both excellent books and help me teach the various ages of my boys who are 6 years - 10 years.

We've also been doing some good science experiments - growing crystals - learning about matter - what happens when you change it - and apply heat:

Our homeschool week wouldn't be complete without some time in the outdoors. The boys have made their own bows and arrows (with all this talk about the ancient world and all) - Our nature walk and outdoor photography shoot will complete the week. 

Thought For the Week: 
           Ephesians 6: 10, 11
          "Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God that you may 
          be able to stand against the wiles of the devil" 


Our Side of the Mountain said...

Oh, your crystal came out much better than ours did!

Love your word for the year!

Boo's Mom said...

I have been wanting to do the crystals too. Maybe we can do that in a few weeks or so. Maybe next. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Great goals! And it looks like things are getting interesting in your homeschool. I homeschool, too. Your word for the year is a good one. I tried to come up with just one but ended up with a three-word phrase: magical contemplative empowerment.

Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

I always love your posts :) I really enjoyed reading your updates this week! I am so enjoying the 31 Days to Build a Better Spouse too - it's so good to pray intentionally for my man! Any chance you'll be in Orlando this week?

Leslie said...

Awesome word for the year! I know you can do it. Congrats on the crystals too - we are doing that next month and I hope they work for us!

Rebecca said...

Enhancement...LOVE IT! You have definitely enhanced my life!

Kathy Balman said...

Great job on the goals. Love the word!

Stacie said...

Sounds like a great word to me. . .enhancement! I pray that you reach your goals, which are all fabulous, by the way! This was such a rich post, full of lots of info. that is SO SO SO relevant for my life right now. God bless you with your goals; keep us posted!

Gidget said...

Hey, is that a Borax Crystal?? We did one of those like a snowflake last year - very cool experiment!

So, are you a word for the year newbie too? Love your word!! My word ended up being Peace - and I'm so thankful for that!

I especially love that you're using your word to direct your 3in30 goals - I think that I will have to adopt that practice as well I'm new to that too....seems as if I'm new to everything - oh, what a world you have opened up to me :)

Love ya!

Rosemarie said...

That Passport to the World books looks pretty neat. I think we may have to order a copy. Do you use just one passport or do you have one for each child?

Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

Oh, I just love you ladies! Each of you enhance my life in unique and special ways! :) With the crystal, the one pictured was our best, and I think it's because I lost count and accidentally added extra borax! (go figure) And yes, there is just one passport in the book - but I make my own too- Each of the boys have one & I can send you a copy of the pdf I used to make them with stickers too :)

Tami @ said...

You have a full plate! I'm cheering you on.