Sunday, January 8, 2012

Passport to Adventurez- Homeschool Freebies

I've had more inquires as to what our homeschool looks like these days and I wanted to share a couple of 
fabulous resources with you. Some are free, or very cheap, and others require a small investment 
of just a few dollars to make sure you have the perfect books. We love books! 

The one pictured below is the "Passport to the World" book by Craig Froman 

You can get it for less than $7 used or less than $15 new by clicking on the link below: 


I purchased our world map from 
for just a few dollars including shipping! 

Our little book pictured at the top of the page was something I found at the dollar store 
(I love the dollar store) 
We used an empty container of oatmeal, paper, and Skulpey clay to create our 
lovely "leaning tower of Pisa" 

We created our own passports that the boys LOVE to "get stamped" as we enter
each new country or continent of study. 

You can print your own copies and create your own here

Even my 6 year old is learning to find his way around the world with a little fun and creativity! 

Sometimes our hair gets messy when we travel. You know how that can be! 

One of the things we love the most is eating food from all the different places we visit. 
(OK, it's my favorite part anyways, but the boys enjoy it too!)

Don't have a globe? We didn't either - but another trip to the dollar 
store provided us with one of those "punch" balloons that blows up round.
I made a paper mache'  paste from a little flour, water, and glue  
We used strips of newspaper and an old paint brush to help smooth it out.

I love reading to the boys about interesting characters, and events and will pull in 
all sorts of fun stories to add to the fun while the kids work on the crafts. 
It helps them learn and actually retain what they've learned when they 
are busy creating while I read. 

The key is to not try to read too much at a time. We do a chapter - or if it is 
very detailed - I 'll just do a few paragraphs and then we discuss what we're learning. 

One of the most important things we do is to incorporate our Bible verses into our 
lessons each day. We also pray for the people of other countries. In order for the boys
to relate to those who live in these far away places - I make good use of the free resources
from the Compassion network - which provides worldwide missions. 

At Christmas the boys chose to send a chicken to a family in need - they've learned of 
children - like them - who live a very different life and are learning empathy by 
praying for these children - they know that not everyone in every country we study 
is hungry, or in need, but they do know that they need Jesus. We pray for them. 

Here is a link to the Free Worldwide Curriculum from Compassion 
there is always a link available on my side bar: 

One of my favorite resources for free printable worksheets is from 
Search by grade, or by subject to find whatever you are looking for! 

I also enjoy making my own printables and using pages made by other homeschool 
moms just like me. You can find our free materials at HSLaunch here.
It's free to sign up, but is nice to make a donation once in awhile to help keep 
such a fabulous resource going! 

You can find my series about Exploring God's Creation with the link below:

I hope this information and peek into our homeschool day is helpful - 
I also will pull spelling and science from our history and geography studies! 

It doesn't have to be overwhelming or difficult to teach various ages - 
when we are learning all together it's fun, and I love seeing the older ones help the younger ones out 
- another way to enjoy family bonding. 

God Bless- Happy Learning!


k balman said...

Love this post and the ideas. We haven't started using our book yet but will probably use it some next month.

Stacie said...

Thanks for sharing all of the links. It's really helpful. I liked your Leaning Tower of Pisa--cute idea!

Take care,

Susan said...

If I could go back in time I would DEFINITELY want to use your ideas!