Thursday, January 19, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal

I didn't make the last couple of posts for the Homeschool Mother's Journal, so I thought I'd 
combine the past couple of weeks to show you some of what we've been up to

I'm not a morning person, but for the past couple of weeks, I've been waking up around 
sunrise to pray. It's a rare thing for me. Here on the Gulf Coast of Florida (down south) 
we get the most fabulous sun sets, but it's unusual for me to catch a sunrise. Obviously
it's not the horizon but the sun reflects off the water behind our home - the fog begins to lift -
and this particular morning there was a pink hue all across the sky. 
Some of us are participating in the 31 days to Pray for Your Spouse Challenge through 
January - I've used this time to pray for my own husband - and the sweet ladies in my group. 

Spence got to spend some good one on one time learning about tying up fishing nets - 
there is not much else in the world that makes him happier -except actually fishing
(Yes, that is one of my chalkboards out there- argh) 

We have a fun little homeschool "book club" which meets once each month. 
Each of the children stands before the group of parents and students and tells about 
a favorite book they've been reading. It's great public speaking practice. 
We then all hang at the park - and the children are awarded with free lunch tickets from 
the local Jason's Deli - It's been so generous of Jason's Deli to support the reading group
and kids in our community! Thank YOU Jason's Deli!! 
It provides a wonderful opportunity for socializing, public speaking, supports literacy, 
and local  homeschool  families! They have healthy menu options, even gluten free, and ICE CREAM!
If you haven't tried a Jason's Deli- well, you get the point - we are fans! 
(I'm not being paid to tell you this I promise- just very grateful for all they have done) 

No, that is not Big Foot wearing a football jersey. That's our friend Nick hiding in the woods. 
You may know his sweet mama- Jenn from "Daze of Adventure"  
(if ya don't know her yet, I suggest you hop over there and check her out) 

Anyhoo, we got the kiddos out for a good long nature walk last Friday on the trails at Tippecanoe 
Nick's silliness wasn't limited to disguising himself with shrubs - he also enjoyed jumping out of them! 

It's a miracle I got this picture at all - since I jumped clean out of my skin! 

My boys had a lovely time exploring the trails - which of course, we had to ourselves on a weekday! 

 Who teaches this boy strut thang anyway? :) 
I remember dressing my little brother up in our old dresses when he could barely walk
. . . . . and even with the dress on - he had the boy strut going on! 

The week prior, we had a visit from my sister and her 3 boys - yes, you counted right
6 boys in the house! 
All under the age of 10 - it was a wonderful time
They brought us some hermit crabs - who have been a BIG hit around here - and I'm happy to 
report - are actually still alive. 

It was our "Christmas" gathering for the New Year 

Of course, there was beach time: 

These cousins are only a few weeks apart. They both turned 7 recently

They all have so much fun together- just boys - doing boy things

 It was- as always - the perfect end - to the perfect day! 

We've also been cracking the books! We received our new 
can I say LOVE it! 

Here is the link if you'd like to get your very own awesome Big Book! 

3 in 30 Goals: 
I'm not going to pretend to know exactly where I am on my monthly goals - It's been a whirlwind.
But, I press on toward the mark and I know I'm making progress!

* I'm drinking more water and walking some outside - going again tomorrow :) for another nature walk.
*I'm getting a lot of praying and encouragement from and for the ladies involved in the 31 days Challenge
and I love praying for my husband - especially with scripture!(too late for the January Challenge, but it's never too late to get the ebook and start your own journey praying for your husband each day. There is a link on my side bar that will take you right to it. They are only $5 and can really help you lift up your marriage!
*I love the Have a HEART for your Kids group and look forward to sharing chapter 4 with you here on Adventurez - It's an honor for me to write about Rachael Carman's book - She is a woman after my own heart for sure! She humbly speaks about her mistakes and the grace God has given her to continue leading her children in the way God would have them to go.
*We've begun our study in Ephesians and it is going to be a wonderful journey! I'm sharing it in part with my children in our homeschool and really enjoying the facebook page as well.
*Blogging and writing is going well - right on track.
All in all - I'm very pleased with the way January is progressing. Except the laundry. Waaayyy behind!
The goals I have chosen go with my word of the year - and have added value and
to our lives! 

Are you finding special ways to enhance yours? I love to hear your ideas and experiences!

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Piper said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Bub... Love love your pix... how awesome to be able to take school outside... Love how you list your goals...lately I have a hard time with my to do list!

MomLaur said...

Fun times! How are you and Jenn neighbours? And what a fun photo of the kids reactions to Nick jumping out of the "woods" !! :D

6 boys in the house = blast of fun! loved seeing the beach photos too! The baby blues on the littlest guy just melt your heart :0)

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Looks like everyone is having such a fun time - especially at the beach!

You've made a lot of progress on your goals this month for the 3 in 30 challenge which is great. Keep up the good work!!

PrairieJenn said...

Love all your photos, though I must admit to being a little envious of your closeness to the beach;)

I imagine six boys in one house was a little crazy, but it sounds fun!! We have the same thing here on occasion, but with all girls:)