Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Need a Special Valentine Gift for Kiddos?

I wanted something unique for my cutie pie little nephews who are 3 year old twins.
So, this cute little "cigar box" is what I came up with! 
The outside is painted with chalk paint by  Martha Stewart crafts  bought at Michaels Craft Store
I included extra large crayon style chalk from the dollar store!

On the inside I painted a layer of magnetic paint on each side and then painted over it in acrylic
with bright coordinating colors and used a black sharpie pen to paint on a checker board and tic tac toe game
For the game pieces - I used Skulpey clay and shaped them into rounded disks for checkers
On one side of the disk I made an X indention on the other I made an O (dot) for the tic tac toe game!

ABC wooden pieces with magnets glued to the back completed this special project!

For decoration I added a painted wooden airplane on the front and a handle to make carrying easy.
The boys love carrying their "briefcases" around 

Older children will love the games and making words out of their alphabet magnets! 

If you don't want to make your own but want to give one of these for a special Valentine 
just leave your email address and I'll be happy to make you a customized version 
with the colors you specify for girls or boys. $30 plus shipping to desired location
(no extra charge for handmade valentine card)


Nancy said...

GREAT idea!! I just found your comment on my blog in the January Joy Dare where I wrote about finding almost anything in my I noticed you have my friend Cindy Wests' Nature Explorers banner on your site. Cindy is heart and soul with sharing in her books. She and I have been friends for 6 yrs now and it was everything I had to get her to think about doing set up her own website, outside of

Praising God that she did because she has soared since I met her.

1TootieFoodie said...

Wow, they look super awesome! I bet the kids love it!