Friday, March 23, 2012

Our Homeschool Week - Renewal

In my life this week: 


We have beautiful tropical flowers at home - but during our Spring Break Extravaganza - road trip to both the  Teach Them Diligently Convention in South Carolina, and the trip to Georgia to Apologia Live  
we have had the opportunity to enjoy a real "Spring" bouquet
 - there is something special about new life budding - the renewal of the trees!  

My favorite thing this week was: 

Spending time with like - minded friends and family. The kids enjoyed Bible time with
 Rebecca @MomsMustardSeeds and her sweet family. They had plenty of play time outside and 
got dirty in the red GA clay. That makes for some seriously happy boys - by the way! 

Visiting life long friends and watching our children play together - I love the pure joy that comes from
the simple things - like throwing rocks in the pond! Who knew it could be so entertaining? 

Watching our boys romp and run through the park was a joy in and of itself.
Next week - once I've returned home and can load all my pictures - I'll share our nature walk 
with the Mustard Seed kiddos in the woods! I have an adorable picture of all the kids sitting on 
a log in the woods - listening for Robins! 

In our homeschool this week: 

We are taking time to notice the flowers of Spring - even the weeds are wonderful examples of 
God's beautiful creation! We went on a terrific "historical" nature walk with Kathy and kiddos 
@Kathy's Cluttered Mind - the kids loved playing in the creek and learned about the power of water
from the beautiful waterfall & some of the history of the area. (more on this next week) 

It's hard to beat a good day at the creek! 
They collected rocks, crystals, and clams to investigate. 

(we will go through our rock collections later and sort and identify them - this will have to do for 
our Look What We Did post this week :) 

Our Week: Our Spring break week has been a wonderful experience - a time of renewal - 
a time for the boys to romp and roar with friends (both new and old) a time for mommy to be 
encouraged and uplifted by so many wonderful homeschool moms, friends, and family. 
I've been blessed by the awesome TTD conference speakers  and am looking forward to the next 
two days of ApologiaLive  - A huge thank you to my awesome sponsor - please be sure to check them
out - whether you are interested in adoption as a family or not - there is something in this film that 
all need to see (it's perfect for your small groups and church groups - btw) :


The more I work with this group of people - the more I see their heart for others and most of 
all their heart for Jesus. They are being the hands, hearts, and feet on the ground - reaching out 
to the world's most vulnerable - the orphans. Whether or not adoption is for you - the 
film is a must see. We are not all called to adopt - but we are ALL called to care for the fatherless. 

I hope: 

I hope you are enjoying the weather (despite the pollen- hello!) I want to encourage you to get out and 
play with the kids - take time to notice how pretty the flowers are - who is flying around them - listen
quietly for a bit to the birds as they sing the songs of spring! 

Notice the handiwork of our loving Creator today! 

Psalm 1:2 
"But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night" 


What is Federalism? Free video and other free History resources - they are amazing! 
I'll have to post some pictures of us watching the videos and learning about our Constitution 
and how our country was founded - this week were still road trippin'! We did do some Civil War history
and I'll tie it to some of these lessons from MomsMustardSeeds and Founders Academy : 

Mustard Seeds 

3 in 30: 

My Goals this month - Well, being on the road for half of the month has a tendency to throw things off
a bit - but, I'm gaining loads of inspiration to stick to my plans for next month - I am reading the word, drinking water, studying and researching about my health, and my blog. It could be worse! I'm in need of improvement on the diet - healthy eating is more of a challenge while traveling- but all is not lost. This time of renewal is so good for me and will go a long way towards helping me reach long term goals. 

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Karen said...

Wow! You've been a busy bee this week and seen a ton of great things! Love all the flower shots. Nearly everything up here in NH is still brown, but a few things are blooming. Gives my soul hope. :)

Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

I can't tell you how happy I am for you! How lovely to be able to spend 2 weeks in the company of friends :) So lovely!!

Laura Starnes said...

What a great week for you. I couldn't imagine keeping up with my goals with all of that traveling. Great job! Keep up the great work going into the last week of March.

Kinder Kraziness

Gidget said...

It sounds like you guys had a wonderful time - nice and peaceful - well, as peaceful as it can be with a bunch of kids running around, right? lol

Wonderful pictures!

Sherri said...

Yes I can see how being away for 2 weeks can throw a wrench into things. Sounds like you are covering the essentials though. Him, water, etc..
Great job!!

MomLaur said...

Good times! Love the simple things too...throwing rocks = hours of fun! And the flowers - gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!!! I can't wait to hear all about the conferences!!!!!!

It is hard to keep to your goals when you are on the road!!

Mama Bird said...

Throwing rocks in a body of water is a favorite activity of my children. Love the creak exploration.

Jen G said...

Beautiful pictures! What a great week you've had. Thank you for sharing and linking up at Gricefully Homeschooling! =)

Susan said...

What a great week of enjoying nature with the kids and growing friendships :) Thanks for linking with Look What We Did.

Jenn said...

Beautiful photos of your week! Love all the time outside exploring, playing, and learning with family and friends...can't imagine learning any other way! Have a great day:)