Sunday, March 25, 2012

Journey Through Ephesians - Learning and Teaching Obedience

I don't know about you, 
but I want my children to reap the benefit of this blessing! 
I have to love my children enough to discipline them - to teach them respect and honor
It is a daunting task! 
At the Apologia Live Retreat this past weekend I had the privilege of hearing Rachael Carman speak
(among other inspirational women) One of the things she said that has stuck with me is this: 

"God; who spoke light into existence 
chose the kids that He has placed in your (my) home 
for His perfect purpose" 
She encouraged us to be bold; raise the bar; and to love them enough to discipline! 
It isn't new information. I believe that God hand picks children - both biological children 
and also (from personal experience) I believe that His mighty hand is on adoption. 
But, there are those times when I have doubted my own abilities to live up to the task.
And, this is her point - we can't totally live up to the task - God's got it! 

All the talk of discipline was balanced beautifully with teaching of love, and laughter 
with the admonition that if we tend to hold on too tightly to our "ideals of perfect" 
to go ahead and let go and let God! 
With regards to trusting the Lord in our home-life, she posed the following question: 
"When are we going to 'get it' and rest in His
providence? He parted the Red Sea! When is He going 
to 'do' enough for us to know that He's got it?" 
I love looking at it this way. I already know that I don't have what it takes to be an honest 
to goodness - perfect mother! I can stop worrying about it and "lean into Him" 
I can trust that God 's got it! I actually use those words a lot. I say:  
"God's got it" 
When I speak about the difficulties life has thrown our way - with parenting issues
 that leave me stumped
I will often quip "God's got it"; it's not that I don't mean it when I say it - I do mean it, I believe that 
He has placed these children in my home - I believe He has a plan for them - but what I'm learning is 
this - the thing God really has been working on - is me. 
I know it's going to be easier to "let up" and pray my way through parenting as I rest in 
the knowledge of those three little words. 
"God's got it" not because of what I say - but because I'm ready to fully lay it down. 
I cannot do this - I am not worthy - but with His grace and His love - 
I will be the woman, the wife, the mother, the friend 
HE wants me to be. 

I fully believe that my children will be able to lay claim to the blessing in Ephesians 6 
because of those three little words - 
God's got it 
I'm willing to let go - give up - and simply follow where He leads. 
I've messed up enough things in my life - this one is far too important! 

I'm so very grateful for the opportunity these past two weeks to soak up these truths
I'm grateful to have spent time in the presence of others who - like me - are not perfect super women 
but are honest and who truly love our Savior and want to serve Him first in our homes. 
I am inspired, refreshed, and honored to call you my friends. 
I'm thankful for opportunity to share with you here online and IRL - thank you! 

And I count to #1000 Gifts and beyond: 

200. Confirmation in that special God - like way 
201. Faithfulness unending, when I just don't deserve it
202. Gifts of friendship 
203. Real, down to earth women who will share their hearts and even their failures
204. Overcoming fear 
205. A cousin/ sister and her husband who will keep all three boys for me 
206. Actually missing my boys 
207. God's blessings on our home and business 
208. Everyday miracles - and taking the time to notice them
209. Being on the road - another adventure with the boys
210. Distance cannot separate Christian sisters 


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Gidget said...

Oh, boy is this an area where I struggle!!

I am constantly reminded of my shortcomings and I do rest in the knowledge that God will take care of them in spite of me not because of me :)

But, you are so right that perhaps I may do a better job if I relied on him more for the day to day doing of the parenting....or maybe that's not even the point - oh, wow now I have confused myself! (yikes!)

Thanks for the reminder even if it did send my brain in a tailspin lol!

Laura said...

It sounds like a wonderful conference that inspired and renewed you. These are words I need to hear too. "God's got it"...I think I will practice that one :).

Jennifer @ said...

What joy to read those words here. "God's Got It."

That's my farmer-husband's mantra on this farm, and in this life. In fact, I have a framed collage of photographs, with those words underneath. God's Got It, indeed!

Thanks so much for linking!