Monday, April 9, 2012

Real life miracles - My story

Some of you know - I've been broken. I've been afraid. I've had pain through my body for the last 10 years. Some days, it means we don't get to do what we've planned to do. Some days, it means we homeschool from mommies bed. Some days, have been bad - really bad. I've been broken. 

I've had times where I felt alone, abandoned. No one really understands. Especially when the disease is one of those "invisible illnesses".  But (don't you just love the "buts"?) But, I've had faith. I know my Redeemer lives. I have believed that He wants to heal me. 

He loves me and wants me whole and well. He has good things planned for me. I am a child of the King - and He loves me! My time of healing is near. He wants to take my broken, rusted pieces and make me whole. 

I Corinthians 13: 13 
"Now abides faith, hope, and love - 
but the greatest of these is love" 

I've held on to my faith - knowing - believing - understanding that no matter what my life holds - I am in His hands - and there is no better place for me to be. Friends have prayed for me and with me. We've petitioned God for my healing. 

Over the past month - it has been amazing - watching God move in my life. When I was asked to be one of the Teach Them Diligently bloggers - I hesitated. There were so many reasons for me NOT to do it. The Apologia Live  retreat was the following weekend. One in South Carolina - the second in Atlanta. 10 - 14 hours away from where I live - respectively. 

 I was in the bed. 
NOT by choice. 
I didn't have the money. We were still trying to climb out of our "slow" season and there was NO extra. 
I said I would pray about it - and, you know what? God said yes.  

Then my "buts" began. "But God - we don't have the money". He said yes. 
"But" I don't have the right transportation. Yes.
"But" what do I do with the kids? Yes.
"But" what if I get there and my body fails?  (He's shaking His head at me at this point) Yes.
"But" "But" "But"

But, God had plans. 

My vehicle was repaired - a major part of the expense was a gift. The rest was arranged. 
I sent out one email with a suggestion - my hotel expenses were sponsored by the Rescued the Movie incredible people - incredible - powerful movie! 
I was asked to room with some wonderful women - it almost completely covered gas expense as it offset the hotel sponsorship. My ticket was taken care of - my children's program was taken care of. 
My cousin and her husband agreed to care for all three of my children during Apologia Live.
(No one EVER does that! We have three boys!) 
Arrangement to stay with lovely friends in Atlanta between conferences - done. 
Food - I could pack - I love planning our meals for adventures. 

I was still in the bed. A lot. My body was wracked with pain. I was swollen. I prayed. 

Isaiah 66: 12a
"For thus says the Lord, Behold, I will 
extend peace to her like a river"

My husband helped me load the minivan - though he had to stay and work. We set off on our journey - just me and the boys. Within the hour - there was a problem with the van. There was a burning hot smell - and I pulled off. (Of course, I was praying) Was this a warning? I knew that God had moved mountains to get me this far - He wouldn't be changing His mind at this stage. 

Evidently - the mechanics had put on the emergency brake - which I never use. It was O.K. - I hadn't done any major damage. After checking it out and talking with my husband. (Who had already headed our way) We got back on the road - confident that it was under control. 

I did well on my trip. I was able to rest some in between events. I was more energized than usual. The speakers were phenomenal - there was revival in my heart and spirit. On my trip - two separate friends (who don't know each other) both brought me healing essential oils - from the same company and information about  health and wellness.

 Time and again - God confirmed to me that this is my time of healing. 

Not only did I notice that there was much less pain - but my energy levels were unusually steady. Usually after a day or two on the go with the family - I'd be flat on my back for the following few days to recover. I'd been going strong for 2 weeks! I had only one single hour class I'd had to miss part of so I could rest. I was feeling so well, we decided to take advantage of our time and take a detour on the way home. We stopped in Macon and enjoyed the Ocmulgee National Monument - then set out across the state towards Savannah. 

I was supposed to take highway 16 across Georgia. I thought I did. Turns out - I'd turned off on old 16. BUT - (there's that "but" again) I noticed a sign for "Indian Springs State Park"  - a place I'd often wondered about and wanted to visit. You can guess what happened next. We decided to check it out. 

Turns out - the Creek Indians passed down a legend about the healing waters at the springs there. It got my attention. What a neat story - right? Went inside the old spring house - and I made a new friend. 

Sitting inside the rock walled spring house - which held the simple spicket  from which the "healing waters" came - sat an old black man. He smiled and we said hello. He told me I'd come on a good day. "It's a miracle," he said. "The line is usually backed way up."  He said he did indeed come there often - he'd been coming since childhood. "Look at my skin" he smiled, "How good do I look?" He looked wonderful. We laughed together - made introductions. I liked Mr. Tommy immediately. 

"Would you believe I had a stroke three weeks ago and they said I'd never walk again?" he asked. No, I certainly would not believe that! He credited the water, and his faith in God. Now - we were in familiar territory. I told him I'm a christian and that I'd been ill for the last ten years. 

He looked me in the eye and said, "Well, that's why I'm here today". You see, he explained "I was supposed to be somewhere else today, but I woke up this morning and told them I couldn't go - I needed to go to the Springs today". I smiled and told him that I'd taken the "wrong road" and ended up here. We laughed together and talked some more. 

My Miracle
We prayed together - Mr. Tommy and I and we asked God for my healing. We stood there by the springs (Mr. Tommy made me promise I'd bring a bunch of the water home with me - and I have) and he thanked God for his sister in Christ "no matter what color she is" he said. (I love Mr. Tommy) He is my brother in Christ. He is wise and caring - and God has used him mightily in my life. He is an example of God's strength - as he has endured many heartaches in life. He is full of joy and gratitude - he loves his family and still works hard for them. He is a good man. He is my friend. Although I may never see him again during this lifetime - I know we will stand together again and laugh and smile and talk about that day at the Springs -
where God healed me. 

He moved mountains - and brought me to the place - where He healed my broken body!
It's a real life miracle!  

*I have not been totally pain free since my return home - but - the difference is amazing - It'a a real life miracle!  I have so much more energy - so much less pain - even with several severe Florida storms that have passed through which normally would have put me down - My time for healing is now! Praise God -
 I am WELL!

*I was inspired to use the "But God" quotes in my post by Our Pastor - Roger Kelley - from Life Church Port Charlotte - who preached this Sunday about the power of the words "But God" It fit so well into my story - I flat stole it :) "but Pastor Roger" will have to forgive me since I linked to his page! Y'all come visit if you are local and looking for a church that is Real, Relevant, and Relational! 

counting to #1000 Gifts and beyond: 
#221- I am so grateful for all who have prayed for me and encouraged me - you are a gift!
#222- That God can move mountains when we trust Him 
#223- He brings us what and whom we need in His perfect timing! 
#224- He is FAITHFUL 
#225- Friends who pray 
#226- Revival in my heart and in my spirit 
#227- Eyes wide opened
#228- Having my children bear witness to the miracle in my life 
#229- Mr. Tommy - my brother in Christ - my friend 
#230- No words to describe my deep gratitude for a Creator who LOVES me and HEALS me!

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♥ilovemy5kids♥ said...

Seriously LOVE!

Stacie said...

God bless you!!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

I love this story BUT, can't wait to hear how God continues to show you more miracles!

MomLaur said...

Wow! Girl! God is so awesome! I am inspired and moved by your dedication to pray so hard and so long. You encourage me to press on! Love how God takes our plans and turns them into things we might not have planned, but are so much bigger and greater! Looking forward to chatting more about it IN PERSON! :D

ells said...

So glad you encouraged me to come by to read...I try to read often but every post. I would have hated to miss this one...oh carthwheels of joy and much thankful to God...will continue to pray for you all the way across the finish line. blessings to you my friend.

Tonya said...

Kelli, what an awesome story. I know you've suffered for so long, and I'm glad to hear you are finding relief. If I had just a mustard-seed sized bit of the faith that you have...

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Incredible! That's the word I have to use to describe this post.
I can't wait to hear about that complete healing some day soon.

Anonymous said...

this was so wonderful and powerful to read. thank you for sharing it.

it is always so amazing to hear God's answer and have it not be the one you thought it would be....but the scary one, the one you learn and grow from...but knowing God is always there every step of the way to deal with whatever comes up...PRICELESS. POWERFUL. AWESOME.

I am so glad you got to go to the conferences and inspire more people!

Stef Layton said...

yes - YES HE is !! "#224- He is FAITHFUL"

Melanie Young said...

Love this!

Lisa said...

Oh, Kelli, this post so touched my heart! Wow! God is SO good! You are an inspiration!

Megan said...

Kelli, I cannot tell you how much this moved my heart tonight (wiping away the tears...). Thank you so much for sharing your miracle with all of us. I cannot even imagine the pain you have gone through WHILE raising and homeschooling 3 boys...I am thanking God, now, for His healing power in your life and praying for this miracle to continue as He reveals more and more of His plans for you.

Blessings to you,

Kelli Becton-AdventurezInChildRearing said...

You are all precious - your encouragement has picked me up and dusted me off more often than you can possibly know! Days that were dark - He used you to show me - I'm thankful for each of you - for real! :)

Anonymous said...

Kelli, what a beautiful story of God's providence and healing. Rejoicing with you friend. And praying that you will continue to improve, whole in your health, giving Him the glory . . .as you do so well with your words.

Gidget said...

oh, my goodness, Kelli! I am so thrilled for you and praising our God who can indeed move mountains and heal those who are ill. Your faith is so amazing and I am constantly blessed by your testimony. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

Robin said...

I stumbled across your site and I am in smiling ear to ear from this story! What an amazing Lord we serve and I am very encouraged by your faith. Inspiring!