Monday, June 11, 2012

Proverbs 31 - Week 5 - Real Life Prov Woman

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This weeks reading from the free GMG ebook are from pages 16 - 19 and it's all about hard work!

Proverbs 31: 17- 20

17  She girds herself with strength,
And strengthens her arms.
18 She perceives that her merchandise is good,
And her lamp does not go out by night.
19 She stretches out her hands to the distaff,
20 She extends her hand to the poor,
Yes, she reaches out her hands to the needy.

This past weekend my parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. 

45 years of blissful marriage. 
O.K., so life isn't perfect, people aren't perfect, and I am certain that every moment has NOT been blissful. But, I can speak first hand to the fact that their marriage is one of the strongest, most godly, best examples of what God intended marriage to be. 

Real life - 
As I read the verses of Proverbs 31 - no one comes to mind more so than my mother. We call her hurricane Laura because she can clean a house faster than anybody you've ever seen! Seriously. 
The woman is a wonder. You could eat off her floors at any given time. 

Growing up - I remember her regularly going through our clothes and closets to give to charity. She was up every morning with her hair done and her makeup on - whipping through her routine like nobodies business.
 Even with her children grown and off living their own lives - she still does.

Everywhere she goes , she shares a smile and a kind word. She passes out gospel tracks at the hair dresser and she speaks of Jesus, His forgiveness and love to the nail tech (the Muslim nail tech - who adores her). 

But, no one adores her like her husband - my father. He has full confidence in her. He values her above all rubies or his own needs.  She has made him a home where he is comforted, loved, and respected. He can be proud of his home and family as she has done well with her management. 

Her children rise up and call her blessed. 

Words of wisdom- 
I asked this real life Proverbs 31 woman to share a bit of her wisdom on marriage and home life with us and this is what she said: "Always remember the man you fell in love with."

 She said that life can be hard and that there will be times of  great pain and disillusionment. She didn't say "if" you are disappointed and hurt - she said "when" you are disappointed and hurt - to "always remember the man you fell in love with". 

The piece of advice I can recall hearing the most from her with regards to marriage is "never allow yourself to even begin to think negatively about your husband." When she finds herself thinking and feeling negatively about hers - she takes it to the cross. 

She recalled a time in her life where God showed her that she was not to gain her inner joy from her family - but only from Him. Her happiness in life was not to come from the man whom she married - but from her walk with the Lord. God had blessed her with a good husband - one who loved her - but her peace was to come by serving her family "as to the Lord". 

Walk with the Lord-
When you are down in the trenches, with baby throw up on one arm, a mountain of laundry to move, children bickering in the other room and there is no one around who seems to notice or value your daily struggles - Lean on Jesus! Gather your strength from the One who gave His all for you. Take it to the cross. 

The battle is on-
Spending time in the Word of God is the way to find real joy in your life. Spend time being grateful for what you do have and not focused on the things you think you need. Spend time being grateful for your husband - even if there seems little to be thankful for. When you stop the negative thoughts in their tracks and turn to the Lord - He will help you remember the things about your spouse you can be thankful for. Start small. 

It is in our thought life that the battle is won . . . or lost. 

Another great piece of wisdom that she has imparted to me is this - "There is a spiritual battle at hand. The enemy doesn't want our families to succeed - we must put on the whole armor." If you allow negative thoughts to fester - it gives the enemy a foothold in your life. 

I have walked through the fire in my marriage. I have been to the point where I couldn't see the good. And I have recalled these things my mother taught me. When it came to changing my thinking - I started small and ridiculous with something like "Thank you Lord that my husband doesn't beat me - so I don't have to bury him in the backyard." But, with daily practice it soon became "Thank you Lord God for this loving wonderful husband of mine whose character is good and strong."  

Repeatedly my mother - my real life Proverbs 31 woman - has said to me: 

Serve Him -
It is a more joyous task to scrub those floors and move that mountain of laundry - when you realize that you are serving the Lord God on High. It is easier to forgive and love our husbands when we realize that Jesus Christ gave everything to forgive us. Surely we can forgive others who have hurt us. 

And, most of all - it brings Him glory and honor when we rejoice in Him daily! 

Put it into practice- 
The next time my husband comes through the door and takes his shoes off in the middle of the room (instead of the nice basket I've placed for them by the front door) I'm going to rejoice and be thankful for the man who works hard for his family. 

The next time I finish writing an article (like in the next 5 minutes) and walk out to find a big fat mess in what once was my clean kitchen - I'm going to turn on the praise music and dance and sing with my children while we clean and serve the God who made us .

For the kiddos-
We often hear the saying that "The best thing a man can do for his children is to love their mother"
And I am gathering from these scriptures that "The best thing a woman can do for her children is to keep  her eyes on Jesus" Because when we do that - it makes us happy- it fills us with true joy. And we all know that "when Mama is happy - everybody is happier" And they will recall the things we teach them. 

Are you with me? 

And I count to #1000 Gifts and beyond- 
#310  - #319
*crashing baseball against metal bat - swung by healthy boy
*little boys who walk like little men
*catching 7 yo staying up late - to read the Word
*learning Scriptures with excited boys
*that a box of Bible Bee kit would bring joy to little faces
*glimmering eyes - sparkling excitement over small accomplishments that mean so much
*passing storm - abiding joy 
*someone special obeying the rules - growing toward Jesus
*kitchen time with boys who love it!
*sweet friends voting for me in top 25! (touches my heart) 


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Jenn said...

It's so good to have an eternal perspective on the momentary things that can annoy me! Thanks for reminding me of this truth :)

Lisa said...

This was such a beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing. We need to always be thankful for our husbands. I love how your mom said to always remember the man you fell in love with. How wonderful that you had such a good example from your mom! Many blessings, friend! Lisa :-)

Kelli Becton said...

thank you ladies - yes - I'm so very thankful to have the parents I have. They are a wonderful example of what marriage is supposed to be.

Amanda @ The Pelsers said...

Your mom is beautiful! 45 years is amazing. Think that hurricane could visit my house?

Courtney said...

I love reading about the example of your mother. Thank you for sharing that with us! It is inspiring to think of real life women who are living the challenge of Proverbs 31. I especially love the advice to get our happiness, our joy, our value from the Lord. I return to that truth repeatedly, and it makes life so much more fun when i do.

Kelli Becton said...

oh so true Courtney - Amanda, you never know!! If you fix your toothbrush and hop in the shower - it'll be all cleaned up and put away! :) hurricane Laura

Anonymous said...

"There is a spiritual battle at hand. The enemy doesn't want our families to succeed - we must put on the whole armor." If you allow negative thoughts to fester - it gives the enemy a foothold in your life.

So true! I need to focus on this!