Friday, July 13, 2012

Bigger Picture Moments - Laughter is the best medicine


I appear calm on the outside - most moments anyway. But, there is a storm brewing. I do not know what comes next or what lies ahead. I cannot tell you what the next chapter in our lives will bring. I had carefully laid plans. Brick by brick I'd paved what I thought was the way - and it crumbles. 

I trust in Him - it is all His. I've given all over to the One I know plans much better than I. Still it's frightening - as I breathe through the moments - pray and wait to see what comes next. 

My heart hurts - it's heavy - yet I trust. He reaches out - He sent me angels to remind me - He KNOWS

He knows just what I need - when I need it - and this week - He knew WHOM. 
Thank you my friends - who've walked with me through a lifetime. I am so grateful for those who can make me laugh until I cry. The women in my life who know me so well - and love me anyway. 

The picture's not clear . . .  but the joy is

Some 30 takes . . . and we cannot stop laughing to get a pic of all 3 

We've walked different paths - had different dreams - but time and difference doesn't come between true friends. We don't always understand - but we don't have to. I'm so very thankful for the friends God has placed in my life and it's time like these I remember - Laughter is the best medicine! 

(God knew just what I needed) 

Thank you girls - sunset at the beach again next week - please -  I'll be FINE . . .

Maybe we'll manage that photo of all three! 


Adrienne said...

The picture's not clear, but the joy is! YES! This is wonderful...and there is something that friendship like this touches and heals in us like nothing else can!

Rebecca said...

So happy you ate reaching out to your friends-that is so important-to have friends who know us, love us unconditionally and enough to hold us accountable. I pray that you find peace and God directs your path -because this life we live is the one we planned-all we have-is His-even our children. One day-we will stand in front of Him- I am thankful for friends who love me enough here-to hold me accountable-so when I stand in front of Him-I've already had those moments of confession and repenting here. Hold fast to those friends-and to our Father!!! Sorry to leave such a long comment-praying

Kelli Becton said...

I am blessed by my friends regularly and thankful God sends me just what I need when I need it. Yes, we are accountable to the Father - everything I have and all that I am - all He has given and those He has placed in my care - all His. He is so good to know just what we all need.

Susan Struck said...

I am sorry you are walking a distressful path at this time but so glad that you have your load lightened by friends.

Hyacynth said...

I've heard it said that when God gives gifts, He wraps them up in human skin. I'm so glad He gave you those two gifts when you really needed them.
You are a gift, too. I treasure the time I spent with you one on one {plus the boystorm!}; I love how He wove our threads together and how it feels like it was such a natural knitting.

Brook Redhead Reverie said...

Very true...People are put into our path for a reason. Good friends are fuel for the soul, and looks like your tank is full. :-}

Melissa H said...

I love and can totally relate. Not liking being lost on the path, not being in control the girlfriends that ground me, it's all relatable and I love it!

May said...

Good friends are one of God's best blessings.

Michelle said...

What a beautiful post! How blessed you are to be able to walk on the beach, enjoy God's amazing Creation, and have close friends to laugh with, to cry with. It is so true, sometimes when we have a HEAVY burden just looming on us, getting out, being with friends and just laughing helps clear our minds and our hearts. You are a dear, precious woman. Love you!