Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our wrap-up of Adventures this week:

In my life this week…                                                                                                                               

Fishing and shelling and cousins . . . oh my! We spent a couple of days at the beach, and time at a resort club with my sister and 3 nephews. We are soaking up the summer sun (carefully) while fishing and swimming our little fins off. I've been collecting plenty of pretty shells - which makes me really happy. We also had the honor of the presence of my daddy and brother for a couple of days this week. So, the keywords here are sun, fun, and family! Cousin time is hard to beat - so excited they will begin homeschooling this year. Yay! 

We're cooking this week…                                                                                                                    

Potato Soup! get recipe here from Kids in the Kitchen and join us each Tuesday! 
  Homemade potato soup #kidsinthekitchen #recipes     Preparing for #kidsinthekitchen Link up on Tuesdays! #recipes #food

The boys were so proud that they peeled and chopped the potatoes and even chopped all the onion for this meal - and the cheese - and the mushrooms! They are cute lil kitchen helpers. I'm thankful they enjoy the time we spend hanging in the kitchen together and I'm thankful for our kitchen island to gather around! 

Favorite thing this week…                                                                                                                     

We got to spend a couple of nights with my daddy and brother here - They all caught fresh fish - so we had a fish fry and good 'ole fashioned southern family supper - with cheese grits and all! Also the time spent with my sister and her boys - special cousin time is awesome! 

Big brother has been helping me some with Bible time - I love hearing the boys lead their own devotions and prayer time. Knowing that we aren't the only ones teaching and guiding our children is a wonderful thing - when it's laid at the feet of Jesus. Seeing the Holy Spirit at work in their hearts always blows me away. 

Evening Bible time brought to u by big brother #mobsociety #hsttd #hsmommas 

Letter of  this week…       "W"                                                                                                                  

"W" is for Wholly Sea Cow . . . and What are they doing mommy? . . . and WOW those Manatees are (mating) Wrestling . . .  wildlife
(I realize I'm taking some creative licensing with the spelling of "wholly sea cow" but I do love a fun play on words)
Freebies and Fave Resources…                                                                                                         

Just in case your summer fun includes a trip to the zoo and you want a fun way to ease back in to a little school time - try this freebie (and more to choose from) by my friend Jimmy:
At the Zoo - Free Notebooking pages from The Notebooking Fairy

120 Free things to do with the Kids  - Includes collecting tadpoles and Camping indoors! 
(both of which we have been up to over the last couple of weeks)
2 soaking wet Tadpole hunters - returned from their adventure #mobsociety #family   Our lil soldiers - camping out in their fort #mobsociety #brothers #family


3 in 30 goals …                                                                                                                                       

July Goals: 
1. drink 4 big glasses of water each day and exercise 4x per week 
2. Bible reading daily and scripture memory with the kiddos 
3. pick up another part time / freelance - paying social media/ writing job to help hubs 

1. ok, so I haven't drank ALL the water I'm supposed to - but I got my new meds (for RA) and I've had better energy - THANK YOU Jesus! I'm drinking more water and getting more exercise - lil at a time. 
2. I am reading daily - scripture memory is going well with the kiddos and I'm reading with them each day - or having Mark or big brother do the reading on 2 of the days I didn't get to it (because with so much company this month - well, I've been a bit stretched) We've hosted 3 families here & visited another at their resort down the road (my sister and babes) So, considering all - I think we've done pretty well. 
3. did tiny bit on this - not a whole lotta workin going on in July - with all the company - but we've enjoyed the fellowship and family 

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