Monday, July 2, 2012

Week 8 - Strength and Dignity

I'm teaming up with Amanda Pelser @The Pelsers to bring you the Prov 31 study group
for the ebook from Good Morning Girls

Proverbs 31: 23
"Her husband is respected at the city gate, 
where he takes his seat among the elders of the land" 

We don't have a city gate these days - but it is my job to support my husband in his endeavors so that he has the freedom and encouragement to be all he can be. I am to encourage him as a husband, father, as a man, and in his business and interactions with others. 

I want to make a difference in his life - to be good enough to him and in a way that makes him want to be the best man he can be. You know what? I can see how my attitude towards him effects him on a regular basis. The more I honor him in our home the more I see it in him. 

I don't want to pretend that I, my life, or that my husband is perfect. We are human and each come with all  that entails - life's bumps and bruises and such. I do want to encourage others (as I learn and grow along with you) to be the women God has called us to be. It isn't my job to point out the faults of my husband - but to focus on and see the good in him. 

He is a caring, gentle man who puts his family first. He is a hard working, intelligent individual who seeks God's will for his life - and I am blessed daily by having him as my husband. 

There was a time in our marriage when I could only see the negative. I was angry and hurt and I am certain I was making him miserable. God convicted me of this and I began to focus on the good. It was difficult at first to find it, so I started simply "thank you God that my husband doesn't beat me" (um, yeah - I was that far gone). Then it got easier, as I sought daily to thank the Lord for him. Gradually, I forgot what had been so terribly upsetting in the first place. 

Our husbands aren't perfect. If we are not there to lift them up - to encourage them - who will be? 

As I focus daily on my blessings and on the positive in my husband - it becomes much easier to live a joyful life. My relationship with the husband God intended for me is blessed, and all that is reflected in our life throughout the community - hopefully in a way that will encourage others. 

I want to be the crown for my sweet husband. I want to bring him strength and dignity. I want to be the woman God has called me to be. How about you? 

Proverbs 12: 4
"A wife of noble character is her husband's crown" 

From GMG site:

Week 8 Challenge: Ask yourself this question this week “What can I start doing that will help my husband be the man of influence, God is calling him to be?” Also focus this week on giving your fears over to God. Mentally pray each time a fear pops in and give it to God. Instead of focusing on the fear, thank God for something instead and realize that YOU have a bright future with God… that will bring you joy and laughter “at the days to come!” Remember whose daughter you are and allow God to cloth you in His strength and dignity!

counting to 1000 Gifts and beyond- #340 - #349: 

* A husband who loves me - really loves me
* A husband who cares about what God wants from him 
* A fine example of a man - for our sons 
* God's conviction in my heart and life 
* Opportunity for improvement in myself 
* Family time 
* Open communication
* Beach blessings 
* Powerful sunsets 
* Sharing our home and our beach with special friends 



Sweet Annabelle said...

Insightful post on being a Godly wife. I've been learning more about this myself, as the Lord helps me grow, from a marriage book we've been studying together. Real Marriage by the Driscolls. I finally am understanding my role as "helper" and how important that is! Thanks for adding to my understanding this morning!
(Loved your description of yourself as an accidental homeschooler! hahahahaha Me too!)

Kelli Becton said...

Awww, thanks- I've heard about that book - I believe it's a good one!