Monday, August 20, 2012

Day #2 - 5 days of Organizing and Cleaning - when you don't feel like it - Prepare your body

Organizing and Cleaning for Moms with Chronic Illness- 

Some of you know - I suffer from RA (rheumatoid arthritis) so it is rare that I'd be "feeling like" organizing and cleaning - although it never fails to make me feel better once I've gotten things in better order.

Day #1 - Set your mind and make a plan

Day #2 - Prepare your body - and a few ways to make it easier on you while you work

Organizing and cleaning when you don't feel like it - is all about getting things done when you suffer from chronic illness. An obvious component - which cannot be overlooked - is to take care of your body.

You've set your mind. You've set your goals and laid out your plans so it's time to get started -

Fuel up! Eat protein, take your vitamins, get the coffee going and dig in.

Remember not to become discouraged if you have a set back or things don't go perfectly according to schedule. One of the most difficult things for me to deal with in my illness has been the fact that when I schedule something - I know in the back of my mind there is a chance I will have to reschedule. Chronic illness has a way of taking over your life. The trick is to learn to roll with it! 

Consider meeting with a nutritionist - my friend Carrie @YoungLivingOilLady has loads of information about using essential oils and nutrition to help your body perform at it's highest best level.

If you aren't doing well, despite your best efforts, congratulate yourself for trying, do what you can, and get over it. If you waste time beating yourself up over it - you will only get further behind and have less drive to continue with your plans.

Use good common sense. When you exercise, you know to stretch and hydrate. Big projects in the house can be just as taxing on the body (if not more so) for those who suffer from chronic illness.

A few tricks I've learned along the way help me when I go to tackle those big projects. Remember:
A little at a time is all it takes - if you keep it up - eventually it will get done -  Don't quit! 

(printable card for inspiration) 

One day at a time, one room at a time, one goal at a time - You can do this! 

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