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Day #3 - 5 Days of Organizing and Cleaning - when you don't feel like it - Organize your organizing and cleaning

Organizing and Cleaning for Moms with Chronic Illness- 

Some of you know - I suffer from RA (rheumatoid arthritis) so it is rare that I'd be "feeling like" organizing and cleaning - although it never fails to make me feel better once I've gotten things in better order.

Day #1 - Set your mind and make a plan

Day #2 - Prepare your bodyand a few ways to make it easier on you while you work

Day #3 - Organize your organizing and cleaning - gather supplies and tools

Being organized in your organization and cleaning makes a huge difference. Do the prep work. When you've set your mind and made a plan, you've recruited help or arranged to keep the children occupied, you've fueled your body and prepared it to work, the next steps are to gather what you'll need for the job.

Free pdf  to help you Organize your Organizing and Cleaning :

Having the right tools and supplies is critical - I like to keep a bucket on hand to tote my cleaning supplies around in with a pair of rubber gloves. I have a lightweight vacuum for quick and easy clean up, and a better vacuum with a long hose and handle with attachments. I use stepping stools for safe and easy access. It's obvious to use them to reach up for something - but, as a mom with chronic illness, I often put it to good use by sitting on it while I clean.

More prep work for digging in - Use at least 3 bins to help you organize your big projects:
  • Keep 
  • Give Away 
  • Trash 
A good rule of thumb when you are organizing any space is to place like things together. 
Remember, you've already paired things down by sorting. As you group your keep pile you are placing things that go together in the same area. For instance, in the kitchen, that may mean you clear a particular cabinet strictly for your pots and pans.

By keeping all of your bake ware together - and maybe another area or shelf for your plastic storage containers your kitchen system will begin to take shape. It doesn't need to be complicated, just figure out what will work best for your family.

Don't be afraid to think outside the box. If you need to use the dining room area for homeschool - jump in and transform the area to suit your needs. It can still be attractive as long as it is organized. Keep in mind - it's always darkest just before the dawn. It will be well worth your efforts when the job is complete.

Photo: 5 days of organizing . . . when u don't feel like it! Beginning Aug 20  http://instagr.am/p/OczBLcEtmk/Photo: The after . . . 5 days of organizing #homeschool  http://instagr.am/p/OczWJMEtm2/

No matter what space you are working on, you'll want to have the things you use regularly on hand for easy access. If you have young children in the home, you might consider providing a spot where they can reach their own drinking cups or plates for snacks. Teaching them at a young age to put things where they belong is a huge step in the right direction to keep your family organized.

Decide on a set amount of time to tackle your project and stick to it.
When the time is up - stop and rest your body.

Balance yourself by planning quiet movie time or with a dip in the pool afterwards.

Plan ahead to have your husband pick up dinner and bring it home - or throw dinner in the crock pot early on. By organizing your organization and cleaning you will save both time and energy. For moms who suffer with chronic pain or other illness - it makes a world of difference and can help you stay the course!

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