Friday, August 17, 2012

Our weekly wrap-up! Getting into the sweet of things:

Favorite things this week…                                                                                                             

We are getting back into the swing of things - we are doing more "sit down" school time each week and leaving the more "care free" summer schedule behind. Our main school area is pictured above and we also make use of the dining room table and cabinet. We do Bible time and handwriting with our Bible verses - some Language arts and Math - Loads of tactile learning going on in the kitchen, and the great outdoors for nature walks, bug collecting and more. One of the things we started this week was our study of Chess! We are so excited to learn more and play together-the book by
 Laura Sherman is FANTASTIC!
"Chess is Child's Play"  (this is an affiliate link) Right now only $14.95 hardcover - very nice book!

. . . and you've seen Noah's Ark built from Lincoln Logs before right? Allowing the boys to work with clay or Lincoln Logs while we read and discuss our Bible lessons, history and more helps them stay engaged in the conversation and retain the information. I try to relate the two - like Lincoln Log Noah's Ark - but sometimes just being able to work a little clay in their hands will help then sit and learn. They also make shapes of animals or draw pictures of what we are reading about. I've found this to be a valuable tool in teaching 3 little boys - and all are at different levels - it keeps them happy and engaged!

More homeschool area pics:
(And that would be Parker in MY leather reading chair)

Photo: The after . . . 5 days of organizing #homeschool Photo

In my life this week…                                                                                                                                

Imagination abounds around our place- those stools you see before you are not stools at all - but horses! 

We're cooking this week…                                                                                                                     

 Chicken and rice with fresh veggies! See Kids in the Kitchen for full details 
Feel free to link up your own family favorite recipes! 

Letter of  this week…       " Z "                                                                                                                  

"Z" is for Zipping around!
 Zaney - Zealous 

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What to do with all the things kids pick up along the way? Start a family collection 
- learn more from my article at Homeschool Mosaics: 

Freebies and Fave Resources…                                                                                                         

Free Creation Video's and Kindle books found by Free Homeschool Deals:


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