Monday, September 24, 2012

Healthy mom series - Printable goal chart with inspirational scripture

I'm on a quest to get healthier! Over the course of a 12 week period, which began September 10th, I am joining forces with 18 other bloggers to get fit and healthy. I'm so thankful to have some of you joining along with me - your encouragement and support is making a difference. Thank you! I hope the following printable will encourage you this week. Scripture, a place to write out your goals, and an exercise schedule: 

(printable pdf)

My report
Week 3 and I'm on the move. I did more walking last week than I managed this week - but I'm still getting more exercise than before - and for me that is what it's all about - making healthy changes in my life! 

Monday - beach walk 

Tuesday - evening walk 

Wednesday - stretching 

Thursday - off 

Friday - swimming and pool exercises 

Saturday - off 

Sunday - arms, stretching, calisthenics 

I'm eating less bread and sugary snacks. I'm eating more fruit and veggies. 
I'm still not drinking enough water - but this is my week! 

My goals and plan this next week: 

I have essential oils called Citrus Fresh from my friend Carrie @YoungLivingOilLady  which I plan to use daily. It will help me reach for fresh water, instead of coke zero (I know - it's bad) Cutting that out of my diet completely is one of my goals during this 12 week process.

Drink 4-5 big glasses water daily and green tea - working to replace that soda

Green drink 3-4 days 

Exercise 4-5 days 

I am using scripture to inspire progress and my little support group! 

Encouragement/Quick tip: 

Click the pdf printable verse above to print scripture for your fridge (or binder) 
I have included a place to chart your goals and a table to plan your workouts for the week! 

Remember WHY you want to be healthier. Personally, I want to feel better so that I can do and be more of who God wants me to be. I can serve Him and serve my family better, when I feel the best I am able. 

Write out your reason on your goal sheet with the inspirational scripture for the week & keep it handy.
I'm praying my way through this and praying for each of you who are joining me. Please let me know if you are participating - especially if we haven't touched base yet. 

This is week 3 and we are going through 12 - still time to jump on the healthy band wagon! 

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